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Lists and application of kinship terms; genealogical kinship charts; use of kinship terms relative to personal names and teknonymy; differentiation of vocative and referential forms; morphological typology (e.g., elementary derivative, and descriptive terms); number of elementary terms; incidence of denotative and classificatory terms; classificatory distinctions observed and overridden (e.g., generation, gender, affinity, collaterality, bifurcation, polarity, relative age, speaker's gender, decedence); classification of avuncular and nepotic terms (e.g., bifurcate collateral, bifurcate merging, lineal, generation); classification of cousin terminology (e.g., Eskimo, Hawaiian, Iroquois, Crow, Sudanese, Omaha); correlation between terminology and patterns of behavior; historical, structural, and functional interpretations of kinship systems, etc.

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