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Total RequestsTotal requests is the number of raw http requests by clients, i.e. browsers, from your university, for content from our eHRAF World Cultures or eHRAF Archaeology server. The value is indicative of meaningful usage in a comparative way, e.g. comparing across months and to generally determine if users are using the database in depth. However the absolute number is not representative of a meaningful user activity. A single page-view is often constructed of several components, thus a request for a single page often generates many more requests.
Total ActivitiesTotal Activities is the total of the values of all columns to the right of it. Total Activities eliminates requests for supportive information or design elements and attempts to provide a one to one count per useful user tasks, as broken down in the columns to the right. This figure is understated because certain kinds of tasks couldn't be separated out from derivative requests or incidental requests. All the data in these stats are based on a subset of actual requests from the user's browsers.
LoginsLogins provide an approximation of the number of sessions generated by users from your university. "Sessions" are approximately separate periods of continuous activity started by different users or the same user at different times. The "logins" number is understated for many of our member institutions because it only records users whom first reach the database via the splash page. Users will frequently use browser bookmarks or history lists to start from another page, e.g. a search form. The "login" stat does not include returns back to the splash page from within a session, so the stat is not overstated. We use the term "logins" here because the stat is not an accurate count of actual session periods maintained on our server. We should begin providing accurate session counts in the near future.
Browse ActivitiesBrowse Activities counts requests to browsing lists of cultures or subjects, by A-Z index, regions, countries, major subjects, or ocm code, including linking to descriptions of cultures and subjects and lists of collection and related documents.
Search ActivitiesSearch Activities counts requests which perform a search via one of four search forms and return Results Per Cultures. Search activities also count requests that navigate the Outline of World Cultures and/or Outline of Cultural Materials thesauri as presented in popup windows for the purposes of selecting or studying search categories.
Document ViewsDocument views and activities counts requests to paragraph results views and fulltext page views reached either by searching or browsing. The count also includes views of document or paragraph related information accessed via links on a paragraph or fulltext page. It also includes printing or emailing of paragraphs either from the paragraph results or from fulltext pages.
Help ViewsHelp Views is a count of requests to views of pages in the main Help documentation for the site.
Citation ViewsCitation Views is a count of requests made to our citation service. These views include formated citations and exportable citations.
NotebookNotebook acitivites count requests which perform a notebook activity in a user created notebook from content chosen after a docuemnt or search view
UserUser activities include creation of user accounts and logging into user accounts.
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  1. Legacy stats conclude on 31 July 2023. After this time the legacy application was no longer available for users.
  2. On 15 August 2022 a new eHRAF World Cultures application was launched. Usage prior to the 15th is attributed to the beta period. To view usage prior to 15 August 2022 please select Legacy in the Select App menu located in the top right corner of the table above.
  3. Usage statistics between mid-day 13 March 2019 and mid-day 19 March 2019 were not recorded due to server error.
  4. Citation views were first included 15 December 2015. All values for previous dates have been set to zero.
  5. Beta statistics are first available 1 from October 2019.
  6. If needed, please send an email to for usage statistics prior to July 2013.

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