essay 1975 LeBar, Frank M.

AtayalAsia > East Asia
This is a brief but comprehensive overview of Atayal culture....

The material culture of Truk
essay 9999 LeBar, Frank M.

ChuukOceania > Micronesia
In this manuscript LeBar presents a complete inventory of the material culture of Chuuk. Attention is paid to materials and means, as well as to the finished product and its use. Also recorded are the motor habits involved in various technological ac...

A household survey of economic goods on Romonum Island, Truk
essay 1964 LeBar, Frank M.

ChuukOceania > Micronesia
After an analysis of the ownership and distribution of household goods and objects among 53 households on Romonum Island, LeBar presents information on culture change, the standard of living, craft specialization, and the effect of kinship on the dis...