The social history of an Indonesian town
Book 1975 Geertz, Clifford

JavaneseAsia > Southeast Asia
This source traces the social history of the town of Modjokuto and its rural environs from the mid-nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth. The source contains descriptions of the development of the surrounding rural area; the development of the town...

The religion of Java
Book 1960 Geertz, Clifford

JavaneseAsia > Southeast Asia
This source is a detailed descriptive account of Javanese religion in Modjokuto. It is divided into three sections. The section on Abangan religion includes information on the slametan rituals, spirit beliefs, curing, sorcery, magic, and the Permai c...

The Javanese family
Book 1961 Geertz, Hildred

JavaneseAsia > Southeast Asia
Geertz examines in this source the nature of the contributions of the Javanese kinship system (bilateral with the nuclear family as the most important kinship group) to the stability and continuity of Javanese society. Her investigation in the town o...

Latah in Java
article 1968 Geertz, Hildred

JavaneseAsia > Southeast Asia
This source presents data on the social and cultural context of latah in Java. Latah is a psychological disturbance which includes "involuntary blurting of obscene words and phrases, compulsive imitation of the words or actions of others, and compuls...

Form and variation in Balinese village structure
article 1959 Geertz, Clifford

BalineseAsia > Southeast Asia
This document is a clearly written and well organized study on Balinese social structure at the village level. The author throughout the text points out the difficulties in constructing a 'representative type' or 'typical' Balinese village. He theref...

Economic development in Tabanan
book chapter 1963 Geertz, Clifford

BalineseAsia > Southeast Asia
This document is one long chapter extracted from a book in which Clifford Geertz contrasts socioeconomic change in the Indonesian towns of Modjokuto (in Java) and Tabanan (Bali). The document discusses how former aristocrats in Tabanan thrived to bri...

essay 1967 Geertz, Clifford

BalineseAsia > Southeast Asia
This book chapter describes a Balinese village in Indonesia. It provides detailed information on rice farming, organization of within the houshold and neighborhood groups, marriage rules, village leadership and religious practice as observed in 1957-...

Kinship in Bali
Book 1975 Geertz, Hildred & Geertz, Clifford

BalineseAsia > Southeast Asia
This book is concerned with the use of kinship in the social structure of the Balinese, Indonesia. Based on analytical description of the operation of kinship symbolization in Balinese life, the authors propose that kinship should be best regarded as...

Children of cottonwood
Book 1987 Geertz, Armin W. & Lomatuway'ma, Michael

HopiNorth America > Southwest and Basin
Puppet ceremonials are seldom discussed in the anthropological literature on the Hopi, and when they are, most concentrate on the better known Paalölöqangw ceremony. This document presents data on several other lesser known ceremonials, in addition t...

Symbolic elements in Navajo ritual
article 1969 Lamphere, Louise

NavajoNorth America > Southwest and Basin
The author of this source analyzes Navajo chants 'as a system of symbols which communicate the Navajo model of the natural-supernatural world' (p. 279). The conclusion of her symbolic analysis is that 'rather than body processes being relevant to cla...

Religious involution
article 1976 Schefold, Reimar

MentawaiansAsia > Southeast Asia
Basing his analysis on Clifford Geertz's work on involutionary change in agricultural patterns in Java which triggered off reactions in other culture sectors of the society, Schefold attempts to show in this study how the advent of new external condi...