The Mataco Indians and their language

Boletin del Instituto Geográfico Argentino17 • Published In 1896 • Pages: HRAF MS: 1-111, 1-193 [original: Vol. 17 - 559-622; Vol. 18 - 173-350]

By: Pelleschi, Juan, Lafone Quevedo, Samuel Alexander.

This work was originally published in Italian and reorganized and expanded with the assistance and approval of the original author for its appearance in Spanish. The introduction presents commentary on and quotation from various early writers on the Mataco and near-by tribes; this part is largely historical in nature with brief notes and summary statements on the cultures encountered by the early missionaries in the area. The second section, by Pelleschi, is on the Mataco culture with occasional reference to other tribes or to the culture of the general area. The author includes chapters on geography, physical and ethnic characteristics, the appearance and activities of the women, marriage and birth customs, fermented beverages and the use of various plants, warfare, religion, funeral practices, native doctors, and 'social matters' -- the latter consisting of brief notes on many aspects of the culture. The third section, or Part Two of the main text, consists of Pelleschi's analysis of his notes on the Mataco language. He includes observations on the grammar, phonology, vocabulary and semantics of the language, but his treatment is that of a careful and interested observer rather than one trained in linguistics.
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South America
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Southern South America
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Civil Engineer-5
George R. Bedell ; 1959
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not specified
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Argentina and Bolivia
[by] Juan Pelleschi. Introduction by Samuel A. Lafone Quevedo
Translation of: Los Indios Matacos y su Lengua.
The original Spanish text is not included
Translated from the Spanish for the Human Relations Area Files by Sidney Muirden.
Pages 275-350 of the Spanish text consist of a Mataco vocabulary that has not been translated into English
Mataco Indians