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The Yahgan: the life and thought of the water nomads of Cape Horn

Die Feuerland-Indianer [The Fuegian Indians]II • Published In 1937 • Pages: HRAF: xv, 1471 [incomplete] [original: 365-1185, 1278-1499 ]

By: Gusinde, Martin, Schütze, Frieda.

This work is a thorough presentation of the data gathered during three field trips. The work is enhanced by Gusinde's numerous and extensive quotes from and critical commentaries on previous writings. Gusinde established close rapport with the Yahgan, reflected by his role as a participant observer in the youth ceremony and KINA (men's society) celebrations. The sections that have been translated treat the economic, social and spiritual aspects of the culture; users should refer to the table of contents for an indication of the full scope of the content of this monograph. The sections that have not been translated deal primarily with the natural environment, a discussion of earlier authors and their works, a history of contact with Westerners, and a recounting of several myths. Gusinde was a professor at Catholic University of America.
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South America
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Southern South America
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book chapter
George R. Bedell ; 1961
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Tierra del Fuego, Chile
Martin Gusinde
Translation of: [Die Yamana: vom Leben und Denken der Wassernormaden am Kap Hoorn]
The original German text is not included
This translation was also published in 1961 by HRAF Press in five volumes
Includes bibliographical references (p. 1433-1438)
Only pages 365-1185 and 1278-1499 have been translated
Translated for the HRAF files by Frieda Schütze in 1961
Yahgan Indians