book chapter

The Indians of Tierra del Fuego

Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation10 • Published In 1928 • Pages: 244 , plates

By: Lothrop, Samuel Kirkland.

This document is primarily concerned with the material culture of the Ona. The introduction presents information on the natural environment and history of Tierra del Fuego along with a general discussion of the Indian groups occupying the area, particularly with reference to their physical type and culture status. The body of the book pertaining to this file discusses Ona (and Haush) culture, with the main emphasis on its material and technological aspects. The conclusion includes a general discussion on the origins of the Fuegian Indians and an evaluation of their cultural development. The information is based in part on three months of field work carried out by Lothrop during the summer of 1924-25.
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South America
Sub Region
Southern South America
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book chapter
Helen Gunsher Bornstein ; John Beierle ; 1973
Coverage Date
3 months in the summer of 1924-1925
Coverage Place
Tierra del Fuego
by Samuel Kirkland Lothrop
Included in text: 'Notes on anthropometry' by E. A. Hooton, p. 41-47. 'Ona vocabulary': p. 217-218. 'Yahgan vocabulary': p. 217-218.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 219-225) and index
Only p. 1-110, 198-244 have been are included in the HRAF Archive. The section omitted pertains to the Yahgan and can be found in the SH06 Yahgan file
Ona Indians