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The first new chronicle and good government

Institut d'ethnologieParis • Published In 1936 • Pages:

By: Guamán Poma de Ayala, Felipe, fl., 1613, Pietschmann, Richard, Rivet, Paul, Monges, Marie Ange, Sidney Muirden.

Considerable information pertaining to the history of this source, its author, and the HRAF version will be found in the introduction of the transcription from the original manuscript to modern Spanish by Arthur Posnansky (La Paz: Instituto 'Tihuanacu' de Antropologie, Etnografia y Prehistoria, 1944). The introduction of this transcription and Posnansky's footnotes are included in this source though the original Paris edition was used for the translation. This source is of special value in its presentation of customs and conditions of the Inka empire as viewed by an indigenous author who was not of the Cuzco nobility. He both wrote and drew pictures revealing many facets of Inka traditional history, dress, social and political organization, judicial sanctions, and other customs. There are a number of references to practices of adjoining peoples who became subject to the Inkas in the course of their expansion. The drawings were evidently prepared with the expectation of their use in instructing of informing illiterates, and are uniquely descriptive in supplementing the text. Although the author's command of Spanish and extensive use of native terms cause certain difficulties for the reader, and there is an obvious confusion of Inka and Christian history and mythology, this work offers much valuable data on pre-Spanish Inka culture which is not available in other sources.
Traditional history
Transmission of messages
Normal garb
Special garments
Occupational specialization
Decorative art
Age stratification
Chief executive
Executive household
Advisers to the chief executive
Deliberative councils
Legal and judicial personnel
Military organization
Uniform and accouterment
Revelation and divination
Organized ceremonial
Ordering of time
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South America
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Central Andes
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book chapter
George R. Bedell ; 1961
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Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala
Translation of: [El primer nueva coronica i buen gobierno: Nueva corónica y buen gobierno (codex pTruvien illustré)]
The work was probably completed in 1613 after twenty or thirty years of labor. cf. p. xiv
'Avant-propos' signed: P. Rivet
'Nueva corónica y buen gobierno de don Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, codex péruvien illustré
Renseignements sommaires, par Richard Pietschmann': p. [vii]-xxviii
Translated by Mme. Marie Ange Monges from Nachrichten von der Königlichen gesellschaft der wissenschaften zu G÷ttingen
Philologisch-historische klasse. Berlin,1908, p. 637-659
Includes bibliographical references
Translated for the HRAF files by Sidney Muirden in 1961
Omitted from the files: pages 367-1179 of the original, dealing primarily with the Spanish conquest and later colonial history.