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With the people of the Tundra

Gyldendal Norsk ForlagOslo, Norway • Published In 1938 • Pages:

By: Sverdrup, Harald Ulrich.

This is a study of Reindeer Chukchee, describing customs, mode of life, religious beliefs, etc. Sverdrup was an oceanographer who gathered the data for this study while he was a member of Amundsen's expeditions. He lived among the Chukchee and the Lamuts during the winters of 1919-1920 and 1920-1921 while Amundsen's ship was caught in the polar ice off Aion Island. This is an excellent ethnographic study, even taking into consideration the fact that Sverdrup had no training as an ethnographer and no previous knowledge of the language. In the mid-1950s, Sverdrup was the director of the Norsk Polarinstitutt in Oslo.||This account of the Chukchee was first published as a section (pp.257-391) of Roald Amundsen's 'Nordostpassagen' (Kristiania: Gyldendalske Boghandel, 1921) under the title 'Blandt rentjuksere og lamuter' (Among the Reindeer-Chukchi and the Lamuts). It was later issued as a separate book 'Hos Tundrafolket.' The author has made a manuscript translation into English and it is this manscript translation that has been excerpted for the HRAF. A copy of the original book in Norwegian was not available in this country and therefore the pagination in the Files follows that of the manuscript. A number of interesting photographs accompanied the manuscript but they could not be included in the Files at the time this source was processed. It is not clear whether these photographs were taken from Amundsen's or Sverdrup's book. One map and two pages of drawings have been reproduced for the Files.
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North Asia
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book chapter
Natural Scientist-5
PHS ; 1950-1956
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1919-1920 and 1920-1921
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Reindeer Chuckchee; Aion Island, eastern Siberia, Russia
Harald Ulrich Sverdrup
This document consists of excerpts.
Translation of: Hos Tundra-folket.
Translated by the author.
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