The Kazkhs: A background study for psychological warfare

George Washington University, Human Resources Research Office[Washington] • Published In 1955 • Pages: viii, 154

By: Krader, Lawrence, Wayne, Ivor, Gladwin, Thomas.

This study of the Kazaks of Soviet Central Asia was conducted for the Department of the Army as a 'Background Study for Psychological Warfare.' It is based entirely on documentary sources. One of the results of the research was the development of new methods for the study of culture at a distance. The local press was a primary source of information, but all available sources were consulted. A number of approaches and disciplines were brought to bear on the subject: demography, economics, anthropology, sociology and social psychology. 'Problems and Methods of Research' are discussed in length in Appendix A. The resulting study is a well integrated analysis of the sources of conflict between the way of life of the Kazaks and the policies imposed upon them by the Soviet Communists. The implications for psychological warfare are made explicit throughout the study. A major decline in population resulted from the Soviet attempt to settle these nomadic herders on collective farms in the early 1930's, and the implications of this fact are discussed in detail The authors describe the old patterns of Kazak society, religion, economy, and political organization: the changes brought about; the present lack of integration of Kazak culture and their passive participation in the Soviet way of life. Much of the material presented deals with the inhabitants of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (KSSR) and by implication applies to present day Kazaks. One result of the 'controlled acculturation' of the Kazaks was a nativistic movement and the authors trace its development.
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Joan Steffens ; 1965
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by Lawrence Krader and Ivor Wayne
Part 1, Summary and conclusions / Thomas Gladwin and Lawrence Krader
A major part of this source has been marked for the Kazakhstan RQ01 file. (Geography, Demography, Economy, The Party, The Government, and Communications.) Material on the Moslem Religion among the Kazaks will be found in category 779.
'Task KAZPO, a research project conducted by Bureau of Social Science Research, American University under HumRRO Subcontract number 650-022.'
Includes bibliographical references (p. 139-146)