North Americahunter-gatherers

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Pomo and Pomoan refer to the Hokan family of seven California Indian languages and to their speakers. Early literature on the Pomo failed to distinguish the subgroups, lumping them all under the general rubric of "Pomo". Later researchers of the Pomo consider the seven language groups as distinct ethnic entities. The seven are often differentiated by placing a directional term before the word Pomo: Southwestern Pomo, Southern Pomo, Central Pomo, Northern Pomo, Northeastern Pomo, Eastern Pomo, and Southeastern Pomo. The Pomo were hunters and gatherers. The staple food for all the Pomo was the acorn. Most now work for wages and buy their food in a grocery, though many still like to gather old-time foods like acorns and seaweed.

  • North America
  • Northwest Coast and California
Subsistence Type
  • hunter-gatherers
  • United States
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