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North American Armenians

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North American Armenians are an ethnic minority in the United States and Canada. The Armenian Diaspora began in the 1890s following the failed revolutionary movement and the Armenian Genocide of 1915. They have migrated primarily to large industrial cities in the United States; most live in the Northeast or California. There is also a large Armenian community in Montreal. Early economic activities included factory and agricultural jobs and more recently business and the professional occupations. Many maintain membership in the Armenian Christian Church, the oldest national church in the world.


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North America --Regional and Ethnic Cultures



United States

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AMIRAS -- bankers and moneylenders (in historical Turkey) -- category 453

Armenian Assembly of America -- categories 575, 664

Armenian Colonial Association (ACA) -- categories 167, 747

Armenian cultural associations -- category 814

Armenian Library and Museum of America -- categories 217, 814

Armenian National Council -- category 665

Armenian National Committee -- category 665

Canadian Armenian Congress -- category 575

compatriotic societies -- categories 575, 747

cultural pluralism (multiculturalism) -- the preservation of the communal life and the culture of immigrant groups within the context of Canadian citizenship and their political and economic integration into Canadian society -- categories 177, 178,182, 563

HUNCHAGS -- an Armenian political party -- category 665

KERTASDAN -- the clan -- category 614

Kharpert Union Educational Association -- categories 575, 747

National Association of Armenian Studies and Research -- category 814

ODAR spouses -- non-Armenian husbands and wives -- categories 563, 582

raisins, processing of -- category 258

RAMGAVAR -- an Armenian political party -- category 665

rug cleaning -- categories 352, 286

TASHNAG -- an Armenian political party -- category 665

VARTABEDS -- celibate clergy -- category 793

Zoryan Institute for Contemporary American Research and Documentation -- category 575

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