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The Khasi live in the northeastern part of India in the District of United Khasi and Jaintia Hills, under the administration of the state of Meghalaya. A variety of crops grown with different methods are produced for family consumption as well as for the market. Other subsistence activities include fishing, hunting, and animal husbandry. The Khasi have matrilineal descent. Today over half of Khasis have adopted Christianity, however, the core of traditional Khasi religious beliefs remains intact.


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Asia --South Asia



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DORBAR HIMA (State Durbar) --the supreme authority of the state; an executive council to the chief -- category 645

IING -- category 613

KPOH (KA-KPOH) -- category 613

KUR (KA-KUR) -- category 614

RAID DURBAR (KA DORBAR RAID) -- an area comprising several villages with the

RANGBAH RAID as head -- category 632

RNGIEW -- the inner human personality and power which determines the success of human development -- categories 828, 774

SENG KHASI -- category 668

SYIEM -- head of the Khasi state -- categories 643, 631

TIPKUR TIPKHA -- category 614

U RANGBAH HUR -- the clan headman -- category 614

U RANGBAH SHNONG -- the village headman -- category 622

U SAIDNIA -- the maternal uncle -- category 604

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