Noon, John A.. Law and government of the Grand River Iroquois

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The Iroquois System Of Social Control

Positive Social Control

Iroquois Social Structure And Social Control

Coordination Of Economic Activity

Political Organization And Social Control

Coordination By Political Groups

Iroquois Legal Procedure

The Appointive And Legislative Powers Of The Grand Council

The Council As An Agency Of Coordination

The Longhouse Vs. The Cross As Social Symbols

The Procedure Of The Council

The Exercise Of Appointive Powers In Creating Administrative Personnel

New Offices Of The Confederacy

Administrative Boards And Committees

Societal Coordination By Legislation

The Bylaws Of The Six Nations

The Confederacy's Relations With Other Governments

Claim Of The Grand Council For Complete Control Of Interest Funds

The Development Of Constitutional Law By Judicial Decision 1

Decisions Relating To Public Officials, Appropriation, Legislation, Use Of Public Properties And Expatriation

Decisions Relating To Jurisdiction

The Law Of Citizenship As A Mechanism Of Social Control

Parentage And Six Nations Band Membership

Band Membership By Adoption

Effect Of Marriage On Band Membership

Residence And Band Membership

Crime And Citizenship

The Dominion Government And Citizenship

Conditions Under Which Citizenship Can Be Secured

Factors Responsible For Surrender Of Six Nations Citizenship

Restoration To Citizenship

The Social Control Of Property And Inheritance

The Concepts Regulating Property

The Six Nations Reservation As An Estate

Control Of Individual Estates

Conveyance Of Real Estate 17

Regulation Of Inheritance

Rights Of Widows

Rights Of Husbands

Rights Of Children

Wills As An Instrument Of The Descent Of Property

Societal Coordination By The Iroquois Confederacy

Solidifying And Fixating Normative Values

Reinforcement Of Social Structure

Dispute Situations

A Case Book Of Iroquois Law


Untitled Section: ...

Jonas Baptiste Vs. Council

William Jamieson Vs. Council

Job Green Vs. Gus Green

In Re Peter Williams

Josiah Staats Vs. Simon Staats

William Elliott Vs. John Doxdater

Margaret Jamieson Vs. Albert Taylor

Council Vs. Henry Green Re Estate Of Jacob Green

Council Vs. George W. Martin

Brantford City Council Vs. Council

Simon Foster Martin Vs. Council

Harry Martin Et Al. Vs. Council

Mrs. John Fishcarrier Vs. Council

(mrs.) Christeen John Vs. Council

Mrs. Jacob Sero Vs. Council

Isaac Smith Vs. Council

Julia Otter Vs. Council

William Martin Vs. Mrs. William Martin

Jacob Miller Vs. Council

Mary Sky Vs. Fred Douglas

Julia Otter Vs. Samuel Jacob

(mrs.) Lucy Brant On Behalf Of Maggie Brant Vs. Council

Lucy Elm On Behalf Of Children Albert And Thomas Vs. Council

Lucy Elm On Behalf Of Children Peter, Lilly, Henry Logan, Archibald And Herbert Isaac Vs. Council

Freeman Douglas Vs. Council

Lucy Skennedo On Behalf Of Lydia, George, Cornelius, Albert And Hannah Green Vs. Council

Joseph Farmer Vs. Council

Council Vs. William Johnson William Johnson Vs. Council

Lottie Patterson Vs. Council

Susannah Homer Vs. Council

Christeen Clause Vs. Council

(mrs.) Betsy Charles Vs. Council

Lucy Elm Vs. Council

(mrs.) Mary Sickles Vs. Council

Mrs. Julia Jacobs Vs. Council

John Armstrong Et Al. Vs. Council

Mrs. Isaac Hill On Behalf Of Lydia Green Vs. Council

Mrs. Lizzie Myres And Joseph General On Behalf Of Josephine Beatrice And Herbert John Basil General Vs. Council

Mrs. Copeland Latham Vs. Council

Seth Bomberry Vs. Council

Joseph Wright Vs. Council

(mrs.) Hannah Clause Vs. Council

Samuel Johnson Vs. Council

Untitled Section: ...

Joseph Clench Vs. William General

Wilson Butler, Mrs. Elliott Obediah, Mrs. Edward Martin, Alec And Joe Frazer And Lillian Clause Vs. Estate Of John Clause

Tuscarora Lodge #1 Vs. United Temperance Soceity #4

Esther (adams) Everett Vs. Peter Garlow

George E. Lickers Vs. Peter And Chauncey Garlow

Fred Nash Vs. Joe Russel

Mrs. Frank Henry (zebby Williams) Vs. William And Isaac Henry

James Carpenter Vs. George Powless

Council Vs. Estate Of Jasper Jones, Sophie General And Department Of Indian Affairs

Elias Hill And Department Of Indlan Affairs Vs. Council

Zachariah Johnson Vs. Paul Barnes

Catharine Hill Vs. Alex R. Jamieson

Council Vs. Messrs. Mutchmore And The Upper Canadlan Government

Richard Cornish 23 Vs. Council

Department Of Indian Affairs Vs. Peter Smith

John R. Lickers Vs. Lawrence Johnson

Council Vs. Elijah Lickers

Council Vs. Nelles Monture

Council Vs. Seth Newhouse

The Delaware Nation Vs. Michael Anthony

David Jamieson Vs. Alex Lottridge

William Smith Vs. A. G. Smith

Louisa General Miller Vs. David Jamieson 33

Jacob Williams And Tuscarora Nation Vs. Council

Hattie Jonathan Vs. Levi Jonathan

Lucy Dixson Vs. James Monture

Laura Hill Vs. Thomas Cusick And Elizabeth Sil Ver, Deceased

Lucy (clause) Hill Vs. Elijah Jacket Hill

Caroline Crysler Vs. Council

Unnamed Children Of Mary Ann Isaac Vs. Mary Ann Isaac And Martha Styres

Squire Davis Vs. James Styres

Lydla Farmer Vs. Elijah Lickers

Council Vs. Magdeline General And William Thomas

Council Vs. Timothy General, Alexander General And Alexander Frazer 53

Council Vs. Augustus Jones And Ronald M. Mckinnon

Council Vs. Dr. Dee

Emily Hess Davy Vs. Estate Of Frank Davy

Lucy Williams Vs. Estate Of Henry Groat

William, Naomi And Sarah Latham Vs. Mrs. Copeland Latham

Matilda Winney (johnson) Vs. James And Edward Johnson

Julia Johnson Vs. Council

William K. Loft Vs. Estate Of Elizabeth Loft And George Powless, Jr.

Simeon Hess Vs. Mrs. Simeon Hess 69

William Seneca Vs. Abram Henry Sisters (margaret, Lizzie, Harriet And Mary Jane Owen, Winnie Owen Kick And Catherine Owen Sheery) Of Mrs. Abram Henry Vs. Abram Henry

Cornelius Silver Vs. Katherine Silver

Mrs. Charles Burning Vs. Charles Burning

Harriet Johnson Williams Vs. Festus, James, Julia And Lucy Johnson

Council Vs. Estate Of Lucy Isaac

Irene Hill Vs. Council

Eunice, Wilson And Nancy Jamieson Vs. Estate Of David Jamieson

Emily (goosey) Tobicoe And Lucy Sero Vs. Jamieson Peters

Phoebe Martin Vs. Council

Sarah (jones) Williams Vs. Heirs Of Henry Jones, Jr.

Mary (maracle) Newhouse Vs. Estate Of Isaac Maracle

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Title: Law and government of the Grand River Iroquois

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Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document During the reservation period of Iroquois history, the Council of the Confederacy was the only agency with powers broad enough to encompass all the tribes and overcome inter-tribal antagonisms. This study is an analysis of the manner in which law and government developed by precedent on the basis of cases presented to the Council for adjudication. In addition to the specific case material, there is scattered information on other aspects of Iroquois society as well as historical data on culture change.

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