Morgan, Lewis Henry. League of the Ho-De'-No-Sau-Nee or Iroquois. Vol. I.

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Chapter I Introductory Outline -- Origin Of The Iroquois -- Formation Of The League -- Intercourse With Europeans -- Wars With The Indian Nations -- Wars With The French -- Jesuit Missionaries -- Number Of The Iroquois -- Fidelity To The English -- Dispersion Of The Nations -- Present Condition -- Future Prospects

Chapter Ii Indian Geography -- Home Country Of The Iroquois -- National Boundaries -- Trails -- Indian Map -- Ho-de[unknown] -no-sau-nee -- National Names

Chapter Iii Interest In Our Predecessors -- The Hunter State -- Its Institutions Transitory -- Origin Of The League -- Sachemships -- Hereditary Titles -- Council Of The League -- Equality Of The Sachems -- Chiefs -- Military Chieftains -- Popular Infiuence -- Unity Of The Race

Gä-ne-ä[unknown] -ga-o-no, Or Mohawk Nation.

O-na-yote[unknown] -kah-o-no, Or Oneida Nation.

O-nun-dah[unknown] -ga-o-no, Or Onondaga Nation.

Gue[unknown] -u-gweh-o-no, Or Cayuga Nation.

Nun-da-wah[unknown] -o-no, Or Seneca Nation.

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Chapter Iv Division Into Tribes -- Family Relationships -- Descent In The Female Line -- Degrees Of Consanguinity -- Succession Of Sachems -- Names -- Nature Of A Tribe -- Equality Of The Nations -- National Epithets -- Office Of Chief Elective -- Distinguished Men Were Chiefs -- Stability Of The Oligarchy

Chapter V Councils Of The Iroquois -- Influence Of Public Sentiment -- Oratory -- Civil Councils -- Unanimity -- Mourning Councils -- Wampum -- Festivities -- Religious Councils

Chapter Vi Species Of Government -- Progress Of Governments From Monarchy To Democracy -- Illustrated By A View Of Grecian Institutions -- The League An Oligarchy -- Liberty Of The People -- Stability Of The League -- Prospects At The Discovery -- Its Decline

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Chapter I Faith Of The Iroquois -- Belief In The Great Spirit -- The Evil-minded, He[unknown] -no, The Thunderer -- G[unknown][unknown] -o, Spirit Of The Winds -- The Three Sisters -- The Invisible Aids -- Witches -- False Faces -- Legendary Literature -- Immortality Of The Soul -- Future Punishments -- Moral Sentiments -- Burial Customs -- Abode Of The Great Spirit -- Washington -- Spirituality Of Their Faith -- Its Influence

Chapter Ii Worship Of The Iroquois -- Keepers Of The Faith -- Thanks To The Maple -- Planting Festival -- Berry Festival -- Green Corn Festival -- Harvest Festival -- New Year's Jubilee -- Sacrifice Of The White Dog -- Address To The Great Spirit -- Influence Of Their Worship

O-tä-de-none[unknown] -ne-o Na Wä[unknown] -ta; Or, Thanks To The Maple

A-yent[unknown] -wä-tä; Or, Planting Festival

Ha-nun-dä[unknown] -yo; Or, Berry Festival

Ah-dake[unknown] -wä-o; Or, Green Corn Festival

Da-yo-nun'-neo-quä Na De-o-ha[unknown] -ko; Or, Harvest Festival

Gi[unknown] -ye-wä-no-us-quä-go-wä; Or, New Year's Jubilee(95)

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Chapter Iii The New Religion -- Gä-ne-o-di[unknown] -yo, The Instructor -- Pretended Revelation -- Sose-ha[unknown] -wä, His Successor -- Speech Of Da-ät[unknown] -ga-dose -- Speech Of Sose-ha[unknown] -wä -- Doctrines Of The New Religion

Chapter Iv National Dances -- Influence Of The Dance -- Costume -- War Dance -- Speeches In The War Dance -- Great Feather Dance -- Trotting Dance -- Fish Dance -- Dance For The Dead -- Concerts

Chapter V National Games -- Betting -- Ball Game -- Game Of Javelins -- Game Of Deer Buttons -- Snow Snake Game -- Snow Boat Game -- Archery -- Peach-stone Game -- Entitusiasm For Games

Chapter Vi Indian Society -- Ancient Villages Stockaded -- Bark House -- Marriage -- Passion Of Love Unknown -- Divorce -- Rights Of Property -- Hospitality -- Criminal Code -- Faith Of Treaties -- Use Of Wampum -- Usages Of War -- Captives Not Exchanged -- Adoption -- The Hunt -- Indian Life

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Title: League of the Ho-De'-No-Sau-Nee or Iroquois. Vol. I.

Published By: Original publisher New York: Dodd, Mead and Company. 1901. 338 p. ill., map

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication by Lewis Henry Morgan ; edited and annotated by Herbert M. Lloyd

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 1996. Computer File

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Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document Morgan's extended personal contact with the Iroquois enabled him to produce this work that many regard the first true ethnography. Book I, entitled 'Structure of the League,' discusses Iroquois life prior to and during the American Revolution, the formation of the League, the structure of government, and a comparison of this government with the nations of antiquity. In Book II, 'Spirit of the League,' Morgan describes the religious beliefs, burial customs, games, dances, marriage, war customs, etc., of the tribes comprising the League. The prophet, Handsome Lake, and his successor, Sose-há-wä, are discussed. Volume II is included in this file as document no. 2.

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