Suárez, Maria Matilde. The Warao: natives of the Orinoco Delta

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Title: The Warao: natives of the Orinoco Delta

Published By: Caracas: Deparemento de Antropología, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, 1968. HRAF MS: i, 228 leaves [Original: xi, 311 p.]: ill.

By line: María Matilde Suárez

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Warao (SS18)

Subjects: Location (131); Topography and geology (133); Reviews and critiques (114); Shipbuilding (396); General tools (412); Normal garb (291); Mats and basketry (285); Food preparation (252); Kinship terminology (601); Rule of descent (611); Shamans and psychotherapists (756); Sacred objects and places (778); Magical and mental therapy (755); Music (533); Literary texts (539); Dwellings (342);

Abstract: This study presents a well-rounded ethnographic description of the Warao living in the Orinoco Delta. The author begins her study with introductory material on the geographical characteristics of the Delta, and on field work conditions in the area, then reviews the ethnographic literature relative to the Warao (with particular emphasis on the studies of Wilbert). Following this is the main body of the work dealing with economy, social and political organization, and magico-religious life. Concluding the work is an appendix that includes phonetic and musical transcriptions of five Indian songs (translated into Spanish) and a collection of Warao drawings. This work serves as a valued complement to other documents in this file and is particularly useful for its contemporary (1960s) data.

Document Number: 31

Document ID: ss18-031

Document Type: Monograph

Language: English translation from Spanish

Note: Translation of: Los Warao:indígenas del delta del Orinoco. The original Spanish text is not included. Includes bibliographical references (p. 218-223) Translated for the HRAF files by Sydney Muirden.

Field Date: 1962-1968

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: John Beierle ; 1985

Coverage Date: not specified

Coverage Place: Orinoco Delta, Venezuela

LCSH: Warao Indians


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