Price, Richard, 1941-. Saramaka social structure: analysis of a maroon society in Surinam

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Title: Saramaka social structure: analysis of a maroon society in Surinam

Published By: Rio Piedras: Institute of Caribbean Studies, University of Puerto Rico, 1975. 177 p.: ill.

By line: Richard Price

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 1999. Computer File

Culture: Saramaka (SR15)

Subjects: External migration (167); Real property (423); Regulation of marriage (582); Residence (591); Lineages (613); Clans (614); Community structure (621); Community heads (622); Spirits and gods (776); Revelation and divination (787);

Abstract: This is the published version of Richard Price’s doctoral dissertation on Saramakan social structure. In it he discusses marriage and residence patterns, inheritance, land tenure, chiefly succession, and lineage organization and fission. Of particular interest is his discussion on KUNU or avenging ancestral spirit, whose cult forms the center of lineage groups (BEE), and who are responsible for health and moral cohesion of the village. Price also discusses the choices and decisions behind marital residence, which partly depend on dynamics within the polygamous family and respective demands for labor by village-based lineages of wives and husbands.

Document Number: 3

Document ID: sr15-003

Document Type: monograph

Language: English


Originally presented as the author’s thesis, Harvard, 1969

Includes bibliographical references (p. 167-174) and index

Field Date: 1966-1968

Evaluation: Ethnologist-4,5

Analyst: Ian Skoggard; 1997

Coverage Date: 1700-1970

Coverage Place: Suriname

LCSH: Saramacca (Surinam people)


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