Métraux, Alfred, 1902-1963. Myths and tales of the Matako Indians (the Gran Chaco, Argentina)

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A. The Universe

1. The Upper And The Lower World (pedro)

2. The Compartments Of The World (pedro)

B. Destruction Of The World

3. The Great Flood (pedro)

4. The Great Fire (pedro)

5. The Great Fire (second Version) (martin)

6. The Great Darkness (pedro)

7. The Sun (pedro)

8. The Moon (pedro)

9. Sun And Moon (pedro)

10. Why The Moon Is Yellow (pedro)

11. The Spots On The Moon (pedro)

12. The Constellations (pedro)

13. Origin Of The Southern Cross And The Pleiades (martin)

14. The Rain

15. The Wind (pedro)

16. The Clouds (pedro)

17. The Star-women (pedro)

18. The Star-woman (second Version) (martin)

C. The Trickster

19. Origin Of The Corn

20. Origin Of Certain Wild Plants

21. The Origin Of Serpents (pedro)

22. Why There Are Poisonous Serpents (pedro)

23. Origin Of The Sting-ray (pedro)

24. Why The Mistol Trees Walk No More (pedro)

25. The Iguana And Tawkxwax (pedro)

26. Tawkxwax And The Menstruating Men (pedro)

27. Death And The Ressurection Of Tawkxwax (pedro)

28. Tawkxwax And The Old Woman (martin)

29. Tawkxwax And The Wild Pigs (pedro)

30. Tawkxwax And The Jaguar (martin)

31. Tawkxwax’s Skill In Fishing (pedro)

32. The Wars Of Tawkxwax (pedro)

33. Tawkxwax’s Fight With The Armadillo (martin)

34. Tawkxwax And The Iguana (pedro)

D. Adventures Of The Trickster

35. Tawkxwax And The Needle (martin)

36. Tawkxwax And The Excrement (martin)

37. Tawkxwax And The Mortar (martin)

38. Tawkxwax And The Blancoflor Bird (pedro)

39. Tawkxwax And The Stork (pedro)

40. Tawkxwax And The Stork (second Version) (martin)

41. Tawkxwax And The Wild Bee (martin)

42. Tawkxwax And The Mud Wasp (pedro)

43. Tawkxwax And The Jaguar

44. Tawkxwax And The Ostrich

45. Tawkxwax And The Armadillo’s Children (martin)

46. Tawkxwax And The Iguana’s Daughter (pedro)

47. Tawkxwax And The Birds (martin)

48. The Woodpecker And The Daughter Of The Sun

49. Tawkxwax And The Woodpecker — (second Version) (martin)

50. Tawkxwax And The Dead Horse (martin)

51. Tawkxwax And The Flood (martin)

52. The Flood And The Son Of Tawkxwax

53. The Culture Hero Carancho And The Monsters

E. Spirits

54. The Welán

55. Origin Of Disease

56. The Welán-woman (pedro) 1

57. The Spirits (pedro)

58. The Man Among The Spirits (pedro)

59. The Man And The Woman Spirit (pedro)

60. The Wood-spirit (pedro)

61. Katáu, The Spirit Of Smallpox

62. [unknown]katáu And The Honey-hunter

63. Asus, The Bat-spirit (pedro)

F. Origin Of Women, Fire, Mythical Characters

64. The Creation Of Women (martin)

65. The First Women (martin)

66. The First Women (second Version) (pedro)

67. The Stealing Of The Fire (pedro)

68. The Stealing Of The Fire (second Version) (martin)

69. Origin Of The Mead (pedro)

70. The Arrow Bridge (martin)

71. The Magic Pregnancy (martin)

72. The Magic Pregnancy (second Version) (pedro)

73. The Magic Pregnancy (third Version) (martin)

74. The Girl And The Viscacha (martin)

75. The Girl And The Big Armadillo 2 (martin)

76. The Son Of Atsa

G. The Animals

77. The Ray

78. The Spider

79. Why The Indians Are Dark

80. The Origin Of The Otter

81. The Origin Of The Ant-bear

82. The Origin Of The Jaguar

83. The Eel

84. The Origin Of Wild Pigs

85. The Larva Of The Pini Bee

86. The Palometa Fish 1 (pedro)

87. The Woman And The Dogs (pedro)

88. The Woman And The Dogs (second Version)

89. The Woman And The Bird 1 (pedro)

90. The Pigeon And The Egret (pedro)

91. The Humming-bird (martin)

92. The Chaja And The Charata (pedro)

93. The Vulture And The Carancho (pedro)

94. The Deer And His Children (pedro)

95. The Jaguar And His Children (pedro)

96. The Puma And The Deer (pedro)

97. The Fighting Fish (pedro)

98. The Quarrel Of The Fish (pedro)

99. The War Between The Donkeys And The Jaguars (pedro)

100. The Fight Of The Serpents (pedro)

101. The Dog And The Fox (pedro)

102. The Ants And The Old Woman (martin)

103. The Jaguar And The Armadillo (pedro)

104. The Jaguar And The Aguara (pedro)

105. The Jaguar And The Alligator

106. The Dog’s Beer (pedro)

107. The Owl’s Beer (pedro)

108. Wetyamli 1 And The Deer (pedro)

109. Wetyamli, The Ostrich And The Armadillo (pedro)

110. The Jaguar And The Tiger-cat (martin)

111. The Fox And The Jaguar (pedro)

112. The Jaguar And The Fox (martin)

113. The Tiger-cat And The Rat

114. The Fight Between The Fishhook And The Net (pedro)

115. The Fight Between The Earthen Pot And The Iron Pot (pedro)

116. The Fight Between The Earthen Pot And The Calabash (pedro)

H. Tales Of European Origin Or With Predominant European Elements

117. The Magic Flight (pedro)

118. Opa (pedro)

119. The Boy Who Killed The Rainbow (pedro)

120. The Boy Who Killed The Rainbow (second Version) (martin)

121. The Children And The Jaguar (martin)

122. The Boy Who Killed The Wicked Men (martin)

123. The Child And The Friendly Animals

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