León-Portilla, Miguel. The broken spears: the Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico

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Chapter One : Omens Foretelling The Arrival Of The Spaniards


The Omens As Described By Sahagun's Informants

The Omens As Described By Munoz Camargo 7

The Wonders And Signs Observed In Tlaxcala

Chapter Two : First Reports Of The Spaniards' Arrival


Motecuhzoma Questions The Magicians

A Macehual Arrives From The Gulf Coast

Preparations Ordered By Motecuhzoma

Chapter Three : The Messengers' Journeys


Motecuhzoma Instructs His Messengers

The Gifts Sent To The New Arrivals

The Messengers Contact The Spaniards

Cortes Frightens The Messengers

Motecuhzoma Awaits Word From The Messengers

The Messengers' Report

Chapter Four : Motecuhzoma's Terror And Apathy


Motecuhzoma Sends Out Wizards And Magicians

Motecuhzoma Learns Of The Magicians' Failure

The Anxiety Of Motecuhzoma And His People

Motecuhzoma Thinks Of Fleeing

Chapter Five : The Spaniards March On Tlaxcala And Cholula


The Spaniards March Inland

The Arrival At Tlaxcala

Intrigues Against Cholula

The Massacre At Cholula

Negotiations Before The Battle

Death Of The Envoy From Tlaxcala

The Destruction Of Cholula

Chapter Six : The Gifts Of Gold: The God Tezcatlipoca Appears


The Spaniards See The Objects Of Gold

Tzihuacpopocatzin Pretends To Be Motecuhzoma

The Apparition Of Tezcatlipoca

Motecuhzoma's Despair

Chapter Seven : The Spaniards Are Welcomed In Tezcoco


The March To Tezcoco

The Arrival At The City

Ixtlilxochitl Becomes A Christian

The Reactions Of Yacotzin

Motecuhzoma's Final Decision

Chapter Eight : The Spaniards Arrive In Tenochtitlan


Motecuhzoma Goes Out To Meet Cortes

Speeches Of Motecuhzoma And Cortes

Attitudes Of The Spaniards And The Native Lords

The Spaniards Take Possession Of The City

The Spaniards Reveal Their Greed

The Seizure Of Motecuhzoma's Treasures

Chapter Nine : The Massacre In The Main Temple During The Fiesta Of Toxcatl


The Preparations For The Fiesta

The Statue Of Huitzilopochtli

The Beginning Of The Fiesta

The Spaniards Attack The Celebrants

The Aztecs Retaliate

The Lament For The Dead

Motecuhzoma's Message

The Spaniards Are Besieged

The Massacre According To The Codex Aubin

Chapter Ten : The Night Of Sorrows


The Spaniards Abandon The City

The Battle Begins

The Massacre At The Canal Of The Toltecs

The Spaniards Take Refuge In Teocalhueyacan

The Aztecs Recover The Spoils

The Account By Alva Ixtlilxochitl

Chapter Eleven : The Siege Of Tenochtitlan


Tenochtitlan After The Departure Of Cortes

The Plague Ravages The City

The Spaniards Return

The Spaniards Launch Their Brigantines

Defensive Tactics Of The Aztecs

The Spaniards Debark

The Spaniards Advance To The Heart Of The City

The Aztecs Take Refuge

The Last Stand

Chapter Twelve : Spanish Raids Into The Besieged City


Fifteen Spaniards Are Captured And Sacrificed

The Spaniards Attack Again

Fifty-three Spaniards Are Sacrificed

The Sufferings Of The Inhabitants

The Battle In The Market Place

Other Battles

The Catapult Is Set Up In The Market Place

The Aztec Defense

The Quetzal-owl

Chapter Thirteen : The Surrender Of Tenochtitlan


The Final Omen

Cuauhtemoc's Surrender

The Flight From The City

The Spaniards Humiliate The Refugees

Cortes Demands Gold

The Ravage Of Tenochtitlan

The Capture Of Cuauhtemoc

Cuauhtemoc Acknowledges His Defeat

The Length Of The Siege

Cortes Deals With The Nobles And Priests

Chapter Fourteen : The Story Of The Conquest As Told By The Anonymous Authors Of Tlatelolco


The Arrival Of Cortes

The Massacre In The Main Temple

The Night Of Sorrows

The Spaniards Return

The Siege Of Tenochtitlan

The Flight To Tlatelolco

The Tlatelolcas Are Invited To Make A Treaty

The Fighting Is Renewed

Epic Description Of The Besieged City

The Message From Cortes

The City Falls

The People Flee The City

The Offering Of Gold

Cuauhtemoc Is Tortured

The Return To Tlatelolco

Chapter Fifteen : Elegies On The Fall Of The City


The Fall Of Tenochtitlan

The Imprisonment Of Cuauhtemoc

Flowers And Songs Of Sorrow

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Author: Author's name as listed in Library of Congress records

Title: The broken spears: the Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico

Published By: Original publisher Boston: Beacon Press. 1962. 36, 168 p. ill., maps

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication Miguel León-Portilla ; English translation by Lysander Kemp. Illus., adapted from original codices paintings, by Alberto Beltran

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Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document This source consists of selected excerpts from a number of primary sources revealing the Aztec point of view of the downfall of their imperial society and culture, as recounted by native authors and informants, in some cases from living memory. The excerpts are reassembled in chronological order, from portents a decade prior to the arrival of the Spanish, through the fall of Tenochtitlan.

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