Opler, Morris Edward, 1907-1996. Apache odyssey: a journey between two worlds

Table of Contents

Publication Information


Part One The Cultural And Historical Background

Traditional Mescalero Practices

Mescalero Culture Under Siege

Part Two Chris's Life Story

1 Child Of The Vanquished

War And Raid In The West

My Father's Supernatural Power

My Father Marries And Has An Accident


First Impressions Of Mescalero

The Power Of A Bird

Chief Natsili

First Teachers

Early Training

A Victory Dance

Witchcraft And Death

A Successful “charming” Ceremony

Early Lessons In The Importance Of Power

Earning The Right To Smoke

First Hunting Experiences

Power From Squirrel

2 Following Two Trails


Rivalry And Defiance




Ceremonial Protection

Witchcraft And Dream

At The Girl's Adolescence Rite

Treating Illness And Injury

Finding The Happy Mean


Strong Tonic


The Web Of Sorcery

Of Bears And Horses

Animal Trainer

Help From The Towhee

Assisting Father

I Throw My Elder

Greed For Power

Hazards Of The Water

Ceremony And Departure

Albuquerque School

3 Unsettled Years

Return To Fear


The Food Of The Raven

A Ceremony Overheard


Diego's Power

Mescalero Fears

Love Magic

An Aunt, Famous As A Healer

Illness From Civet

Finding The Hidden, Lost, Strayed, And Stolen

Cold's Friend

The Varied Uses Of Raccoon

Of Insects And Field Glasses

Conflict And Doubt

The White Man's Nemesis

Power Learned From The Ute Used In Curing

The Hunt


Old Jicarilla

Faith And The Wager

Family And Strife

Father's Ceremonial Power

Law And Order

A Song Of Foreboding

Led By A Bird


Trapper And Naturalist


The Ways Of The White Man


4 Search Unended

Marriage, The White Man's Way

Experiences With Peyote

Power And Peyote

Swinging-lance Loses Supernatural Power

Anthony's First Moccasins Ceremony

Wrongs That Were Never Made Right

Finding-out Ceremonies

A Serious Illness


A Girl Bewitched

General Practitioner

A Visit Across The Border

Doctor's Assistant

Curing “woman's Disease”

Of Medicinal Plants

Choosing Among Beliefs

Sobering Thoughts About The Cardinal

Testing A White Man

The Hunt As A Test Of Character


Mad Dog And Madstone

A Cure With Power From White Painted Woman

Power Rebuffed

The Market For Ceremonial Goods

A Use For Everything

An Imported Ceremony

Meningitis Strikes The Reservation

Family Trials And Tragedy

Signs And Portents

When The Leaves Came


Assisting Kenneth Swinging-lance

Power And Policy

The Power That Would Not Be Bossed

The Turn Of The Wheel

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Publication Information The main body of the Publication Information page contains all the metadata that HRAF holds for that document.

Author: Author's name as listed in Library of Congress records

Title: Apache odyssey: a journey between two worlds

Published By: Original publisher New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. 1969. 18, 301 p. ill.

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication by Morris E. Opler

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 2010. Computer File

Culture: Culture name from the Outline of World Cultures (OWC) with the alphanumberic OWC identifier in parenthesis. Mescalero Apache (NT25)

Subjects: Document-level OCM identifiers given by the anthropology subject indexers at HRAF Culture summary (105); Life history materials (159); Shamans and psychotherapists (756); Sacred objects and places (778);

Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document This is the life history of a Mescalero Apache who was in his mid-fifties when the account was taken. Opler stresses, in his introduction, that Chris is a person who is living in two worlds. A great deal of miscellaneous information is included. The source as a whole, however, is primarily concerned with shamanism and supernatural power.

Document Number: HRAF's in-house numbering system derived from the processing order of documents 2

Document ID: HRAF's unique document identifier. The first part is the OWC identifier and the second part is the document number in three digits. nt25-002

Document Type: May include journal articles, essays, collections of essays, monographs or chapters/parts of monographs. Monograph

Language: Language that the document is written in English

Note: Consists chiefly of the autobiographical narrative of Chris, a Mescalero Apache Indian, with introductory material and notes by M. E. Opler Includes bibliographical references (p. 293-295) Category 159 was used only for specific psychological information about the author.

Field Date: The date the researcher conducted the fieldwork or archival research that produced the document 1931-1936

Evaluation: In this alphanumeric code, the first part designates the type of person writing the document, e.g. Ethnographer, Missionary, Archaeologist, Folklorist, Linguist, Indigene, and so on. The second part is a ranking done by HRAF anthropologists based on the strength of the source material on a scale of 1 to 5, as follows: 1 - poor; 2 - fair; 3 - good, useful data, but not uniformly excellent; 4 - excellent secondary data; 5 - excellent primary data Indigene-5

Analyst: The HRAF anthropologist who subject indexed the document and prepared other materials for the eHRAF culture/tradition collection. Marlene Martin ; 1979-1980

Coverage Date: The date or dates that the information in the document pertains to (often not the same as the field date). 1880-1935

Coverage Place: Location of the research culture or tradition (often a smaller unit such as a band, community, or archaeological site) Mescalero Indian Reservation, New Mexico, United States

LCSH: Library of Congress Subject Headings Mescalero Indians--Biography//Apache Indians--Biography


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