Heckewelder, John Gottlieb Ernestus, 1743-1823. An account of the history, manners, and customs, of the Indian nations: who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighboring states

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An Historical Account, &c.

Chapter I. Historical Traditions Of The Indians.

Chapter Ii. Indian Account Of The First Arrival Of The Dutch At New York Island.

Chapter Iii. Indian Relations Of The Conduct Of The Europeans Towards Them.

Chapter Iv. Subsequent Fate Of The Lenape And Their Kindred Tribes.

The Shawanos Or Sawanos. *

The Nanticokes.

The Mahicanni, Or Mohicans.

Chapter V. The Iroquois.

Chapter Vi. General Character Of The Indians.

Chapter Vii. Government.

Chapter Viii. Education.

Chapter Ix. Languages.

I. The Karalit.

Ii. The Iroquois.

Iii. The Lenape.

Iv. The Floridian.

Chapter X. Signs And Hieroglyphics.

Chapter Xi. Oratory.

Chapter Xii. Metaphorical Expressions.

Chapter Xiii. Indian Names.

Chapter Xiv. Intercourse With Each Other.

Chapter Xv. Political Manœuvres.

Chapter Xvi. Marriage And Treatment Of Their Wives.

Chapter Xvii. Respect For The Aged.

Chapter Xviii. Pride And Greatness Of Mind.

Chapter Xix. Wars And The Causes Which Lead To Them.

Chapter Xx. Manner Of Surprising Their Enemies

Chapter Xxi. Peace Messengers.

Chapter Xxii. Treaties.

Chapter Xxiii. General Observations Of The Indians On The White People.

Chapter Xxiv. Food And Cookery.

Chapter Xxv. Dress, And Ornamenting Of Their Persons.

Chapter Xxvi. Dances, Songs, And Sacrifices.

The Song Of The Lenape Warriors Going Against The Enemy.

Chapter Xxvii. Scalping—whoops Or Yells—prisoners.

Chapter Xxviii. Bodily Constitution And Diseases.

Chapter Xxix. Remedies.

Chapter Xxx. Physicians And Surgeons.

Chapter Xxxi. Doctors Or Jugglers.

Chapter Xxxii. Superstition.

Chapter Xxxiii. Initiation Of Boys.

Chapter Xxxiv. Indian Mythology.

The Extract.

Chapter Xxxv. Insanity—suicide.

Chapter Xxxvi. Drunkenness.

Chapter Xxxvii. Funerals.

Chapter Xxxviii. Friendship.

Chapter Xxxix. Preachers And Prophets.

Account Of The Death Of Leather-lips.

Chapter Xl. Short Notice Of The Indian Chiefs Tamanend And Tadeuskund.

Chapter Xli. Computation Of Time—astronomical And Geographical Knowledge.

Chapter Xlii. General Observations And Anecdotes.

Chapter Xliii. Advice To Travellers.

Chapter Xliv. The Indians And The Whites Compared.

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Title: An account of the history, manners, and customs, of the Indian nations: who once inhabited Pennsylvania and the neighboring states

Published in: if part or section of a book or monograph Transactions of the Historical and Literary Committee of the American Philosophical Society -- Vol. 1

Published By: Original publisher Transactions of the Historical and Literary Committee of the American Philosophical Society -- Vol. 1 Philadelphia: Abraham Small. 1819. 348 p.

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication John Heckewelder

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Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document The basic source on the Delaware, this paper was written by a missionary on the basis of thirty years of contact with the Indians. A considerable amount of the work is devoted to a consideration of relations between the Indians and the whites, the author attempting to show that the Indians were often not understood, and unfairly treated. Social and political structure, the life cycle, clothing, medicine, warfare, magic, cookery, and other aspects of Delaware life are described, the author omitting only religious ceremonies which he felt has been adequately covered by a previous work. Information is given on several other groups of eastern Indians, particularly the Iroquois.

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LCSH: Library of Congress Subject Headings Delaware Indians


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