Sanders, Irwin Taylor, 1909-. Rainbow in the rock: the people of rural Greece

Table of Contents

Publication Information

Part One Survival

I The People Of Greece

The Legend

The City Greek

The Island And Seafaring Greeks

The Greek Villager

Ii Mountains, Plains, And The Sea

The Regions Of Greece

Attitudes And Beliefs About Nature

The Mountains

The Plains

Mountains Versus Plains

The Sea

Iii The Village Setting

The Plateia


The Importance Of Roads

Village Hygiene

The Village House

Part Two Land

Iv Land As A Birthright

A Handful Of Earth

The Cycle Of Land Ownership (attica)

Land Reform (thessaly)

Pressure On The Land

Land Use In Greece

V The Peasant At Work

The Cycle Of The Seasons In The Peloponnesos

Yannes Needs A Horse; Alekos Buys A Tractor

The Harvesters Of Chalkidike (macedonia)

Tobacco Growing In Thrace

Harvesting Olives In Southern Greece

Vi The Changing Life Of The Shepherd

Transhumance In The Peloponnesos

The “nomads” Of Epirus

The Disappearing Tselingata

Stress And Strain

Part Three Family

Vii Woman's Work Is Never Done

Getting Along With The Lord And Master

The Wife And Her In-laws

Childbirth And Child Care

Food And Clothing

Farm Tasks

Keeping The Family Well

Viii Courtship And Marriage

Selecting A Mate

The Dowry

The Engagement


Ix Ceremonies And Holy Days

A Village Baptism

The Annual Village Festival

Religious Holidays And Namedays

Part Four Community

X Mutual Aid And Cooperatives In Rural Greece

A Potato-digging Group Near Thebes

Traditional Patterns Of Mutual Aid

The Agricultural Cooperative Movement In Greece

How The Villagers View Cooperatives

Xi The Village Coffeehouse

Coffeehouse Types

Coffeehouse Attractions

The Coffeehouse Clientele

The Coffeehouse As A Mixed Blessing

Xii Local Government

Greek Traditions Of Local Government

The Community Council

The Village And The Central Government

The Peasant And Politics

Xiii The Village School

What Will Happen To Us If We Can't Read?

Local Support For The School

The Village Teacher

The School Curriculum

Language: Popular Or Pure?

[xiv] Religion And The Greek Peasant

Orthodoxy And Greekness

The Village Priest And His Parish

The Bishop Of Messenia And His Good Works

The Peasant Confronts Death

Xv The Village Community

The Village Notables

Social Class In The Village

Village Organizations

The Sense Of Community

Part Five Change

Xvi Social Change In Rural Greece

Cataclysmic Change

Social Drift

Planned Change

[xvii] Social Consequences Of Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid Means Social Change

From Peasant To Farmer

From Villager To Urbanite

From Subject To Citizen

Social Dimensions Of Aid

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Title: Rainbow in the rock: the people of rural Greece

Published By: Original publisher Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 1962. 13, 363 p. ill.

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HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 2003. Computer File

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Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document This is an important general work in English on Greek village life. It deals with the culture of rural villagers on the mainland of Greece, but also contains some limited data on the island and urban Greeks. The subject coverage is comprehensive, although there is relatively little on material culture. The treatment is divided into five parts: the first is concerned with human and cultural geography; the second with various aspects of land tenure and use, agriculture and herding; the third with the family, including women's activities and the life cycle; the fourth with the community, including mutual aid and cooperatives, the coffeehouse, school, religion, local government, and the village community; and the fifth with change, including social change in rural Greece and the social consequences of foreign aid. In addition to his own fieldwork, Sanders made use of many other sources of information, including much unpublished data.

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