Altenfelder Silva, Fernando. The UANKI state among the Bacairi

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Title: The UANKI state among the Bacairi

Published in: Sociologia -- Vol. 12, no.3

Published By: Sociologia -- Vol. 12, no.3 São Paulo, Brazil (City): Universidade. Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras, 1950. HRAF ms: 1-16 p. [original: 259-271 p.]

By line: F. Altenfelder Silva

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2004. Computer File

Culture: Bakairi (SP07)

Subjects: Culture summary (105);

Abstract: Certain aspects of the culture of the Bakairi Indians of Mato Grosso are briefly described: their technology, kinship terminology, pantheon, ceremonies, shamanism, and the series of ritualistic seclusions, or UANKI, that occur at intervals during the life cycle: at birth, at puberty, at death, and upon becoming a shaman. Ritualistic seclusion, or UANKI, is a means of defense against harm of supernatural origin, and also for becoming shaman.

Document Number: 5

Document ID: sp07-005

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English translation from the Portuguese

Note: Translation of: [O Estada de Uanki entre os Bakairi]. The original Portuguese text is not included. Translated for the HRAF files by A. Brunel in 1968-1969.

Field Date: 1947

Evaluation: Ethnologist-5

Analyst: Sigrid Khera ; 1969

Coverage Date: 1947

Coverage Place: Mato Grosso State, Brazil

LCSH: Bakairi Indians


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