Ahern, Emily M.. Segmentation in Chinese lineages: a view through written genealogies

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Title: Segmentation in Chinese lineages: a view through written genealogies

Published in: American ethnologist -- Vol. 3

Published By: American ethnologist -- Vol. 3 1976. 1-16 p.

By line: Emily Martin Ahern

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 1995. Computer File

Culture: Taiwan Hokkien (AD05)

Subjects: Theoretical orientation in research and its results (121); Historical and archival research (127); Organization and analysis of results of research (128); Lineages (613);

Abstract: Ahern discusses how written genealogies may be used to ascertain how Chinese lineage members view the growth and segmentation of their own social groups. According to Ahern, the genealogies are concerned mainly with changes in residence resulting from the formation of new setlements, and not with corporate and joint estates as elsewhere in China. Among the main points of this article is a methodological one: like oral genealogies, written ones evince a concern with issues other than kinship per se; in this instance they reveal the various ways in which kin are organized in territorial communities.

Document Number: 68

Document ID: ad05-068

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English

Note: Includes bibliography

Field Date: 1969-1970

Evaluation: Ethnologist-4,5

Analyst: M. A. Marcus; David Sherwood

Coverage Date: not specified

Coverage Place: Ch'i-nan (Qinan) village, Taipei hsien, Hai-shan region, Taiwan

LCSH: Taiwanese


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