Akimichi, Tomoya. Territorial regulation in the small-scale fisheries of Itoman, Okinawa

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Title: Territorial regulation in the small-scale fisheries of Itoman, Okinawa

Published in: Senri ethnological studies -- no. 17

Published By: Senri ethnological studies -- no. 17 Suita, Osaka, Japan: National Museum of Ethnology, 1984. 89-120 p.: ill.

By line: Tomoya Akimichi

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Okinawans (AC07)

Subjects: Fishing (226); Real property (423);

Abstract: This is a case study of territorial rights in the small-scale inshore fisheries of the southern Okinawa county of Itoman. Akimichi examines the variables outside of formal regulations that impinge on territorial rights. He focuses on one kind of fishing called AMBUSHI or stake netting. Stake nets are a v-shaped net with a basket at the bottom of the 'v'. Fish are funneled into the basket by the ebb tide. In the past, this type of fishing was the exclusive domain of one descent group (MUNCHU). Ambushi fishermen meet once a year to decide use rights and resolve disputes. Prior claim is honored and ambushi fishermen stake out claims to reserve sites. Nets must not overlap and in some cases fishermen must ask the permission of neighboring fishermen. Yields are unpredictable due to typhoon effects, recovery cycles, spawning season, etc. Akimichi also looks at fixed net fishing, which competes with stake netting.

Document Number: 6

Document ID: ac07-006

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English

Note: Includes bibliographical references (p. 116-119)

Field Date: 1979-1982

Evaluation: Ethnographer-4,5

Analyst: Ian Skoggard ; 2000

Coverage Date: 1980-1983

Coverage Place: Itoman, Okinawa, Japan

LCSH: Ryukyuans


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