Anonymous. Data for a description of Korea

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Title: Data for a description of Korea

Published in: Vsesoiuznoe Geograficheskoe Obshchestvo, Izviestiia -- Vol. 2, no. 2

Published By: Vsesoiuznoe Geograficheskoe Obshchestvo, Izviestiia -- Vol. 2, no. 2 1866. 31-41 p.

By line: an anonymous document ; translated into English by Leo Bromwhich

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 1998. Computer File

Culture: Korea (AA01)

Subjects: Accumulation of wealth (556); Classes (565); Education system (871);

Abstract: This document contains some interesting information on upper-class styles of life and characteristic privileges. Further data on the integration of ancestor worship and the class structure is included. The over-all treatment is sketchy, yet the information, in most respects, agrees with other sources and in some areas extends the range of information on the yangban class in Korea. A brief discussion of the examination system, educational practices, and talent mobility is also interwoven into the text.

Document Number: 47

Document ID: aa01-047

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English translation from Russian

Note: This is an English translation of 'Materialy dlia opisaniia Korei' a portion of a Russian translation by the Russian sinologist, Archimandrite Paladii, of an unknown Chinese source published in Peking around 1850.. The original Russian text is not included. Translated from the Russian for HRAF by Leo Bromwhich.

Field Date: No date

Evaluation: Unknown-3

Analyst: ER ; 1950-1955

Coverage Date: not specified

Coverage Place: Korea

LCSH: Koreans


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