Fortune, Reo, 1903-1979. Manus religion: an ethnological study of the Manus natives of the Admiralty Islands

Table of Contents

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Chapter I Manus Religious Sentiment


Chapter Ii General Sketch Of The Religion








Chapter Iii Magic And The Tandritanitani Cult

1. Manus Use Of Magic

2. Kinship And The Tandritanitani Cult

Man And Wife

The Promoting Of Marriages

3. Magic And Sorcery

Chapter Iv A Diary Of Religious Events

Part One. November 25th–december 25th

1. A Woman And The Sorcerer Whom Her Sister Had Rejected

2. A Younger Brother Disobeys His Elder Brother

3. A Birth

4. A House Is Built

5. A Defaulter In A Debt Wins A Magical Victory

Part Two. December 26–january 26

6. The Troubles Of Having Two Wives

7. A Calico Robe Is Missing

8. A Girl Is Seduced

9. To Pay Or Not To Pay; A Medium's Self-interest

10. A Man Addresses His Sir Ghost During The Monthly Fishing; A Stranger Dies In The Village

11. A Too Tardy House Building

12. A Sinner Betrays His Sins 30

Part Three. January 27th–february 27th

13. The Death Of Popwitch For The Sins Of His Kin

14. The Illness Of Alupwai And Of Her Brother, Sali 57

15. Charge Of Incest

16. Pokenau Fails To Meet An Obligation

17. A Barter In Soul Stuff Is Attempted

18. A Medium Is Stricken For Overriding Her Control

19. Disaster At Sea

Part Four. February 28th–march 28th

20. The Illness Of Alupwai Continues

21. Other Sins In Kalo Gens

22. The Skulls Of Isole's Ancestors

23. The Sins Of Ndroso's House

24. A House Breaking

25. Sequel To Disaster At Sea

26. Trouble Over Widow's Remarriage And Custody Of The Children

27. More Trouble Over Custody Of The Children

28. Antagonism Between Sisters-in-law

29. In Comment

Part Five. April And May

30. A Man In High Fever Cannot Account For It In Sin

31. A Medium's Technique In An Unusual Situation

32. Medium's Technique Again

33. In Economic Difficulties

34. No House, No Fish!

35. A Sister Does Not Help Her Brother

36. A Medium's Self-interest

37. Custody Of Children

38. Lapse Of Kin Duties, And A Quarrel

39. A Family Affair

40. Ghosts And Fish

41. Magician's Method

42. A Blind War Leader Hounded And At Bay

43. The Remarriage Of A Widow And Death Resulting

Chapter V The Functioning Of Religion In Manus



















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Author: Author's name as listed in Library of Congress records

Title: Manus religion: an ethnological study of the Manus natives of the Admiralty Islands

Published By: Original publisher Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society. 1935. x, 391 p., plates ill.

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication by R.F. Fortune

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 2005. Computer File

Culture: Culture name from the Outline of World Cultures (OWC) with the alphanumberic OWC identifier in parenthesis. Manus (OM06)

Subjects: Document-level OCM identifiers given by the anthropology subject indexers at HRAF Gender status (562); Ingroup antagonisms (578); Sex and marital offenses (684); Theory of disease (753); Sorcery (754); Life and death (761); General character of religion (771); Animism (774); Eschatology (775); Purification and atonement (783); Revelation and divination (787); Magic (789); Magicians and diviners (791);

Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document This source is the result of six months field work undertaken by the author, a well known professional anthropologist, among the Manus of the Admiralty Islands. It is an exhaustive and highly intricate study of the Manus 'Sir Ghost' cult and its repercussions on the established religious system of the people. Of prime importance in the religious system of the Manus are the oracles whose interpretations of illnesses are based on sins of omission or commission on the part of the mortals as revealed to them by the offended ghosts of the dead through divination. Many examples are given in the text of cases in which illness was the direct result of sin, and how, through expiation, these illnesses were 'cured.'

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Note: Manus religion. |Australian National Research Council Expedition to the New Guinea Littoral, 1928-29

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Analyst: The HRAF anthropologist who subject indexed the document and prepared other materials for the eHRAF culture/tradition collection. John Beierle ; 1962

Coverage Date: The date or dates that the information in the document pertains to (often not the same as the field date). 1928-1929

Coverage Place: Location of the research culture or tradition (often a smaller unit such as a band, community, or archaeological site) Village of Peri, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea

LCSH: Library of Congress Subject Headings Manus (Papua New Guinea people)


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