Christianity and Islam among the Mossi
article 1958 Skinner, Elliott Percival

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
This article is a study of the history, methods and results of the attempts of Christians and Moslems to convert the pagan Mossi. Islam has the longest history in the area, first penetrating the Mossi territory in the 11th century, while Catholic mis...

Traditional and modern patterns of succession to political office among the Mossi of the Voltaic Republic
article 1960 Skinner, Elliott Percival

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
In this paper the author has described the period of political interregnum and political succession among the Mossi and how they have adapted this to meet certain political threats under the French colonial rule and to meet the demands of the present...

The Mossi of the Upper Volta
Book 1964 Skinner, Elliott P. (Elliott Percival)

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
This document presents an intensive study of the political development of the Mossi people, a Sudanese negroid group occupying the Republic of the Upper Volta, West Africa. The author gathered his data in the Upper Volta Republic between November 195...

Trade and market among the Mossi people
book chapter 1962 Skinner, Elliott P. (Elliott Percival)

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
According to Skinner, the Mossi kingdoms with their elaborate class system and hierarchical administrative apparatus derive much of their wealth and power from regulating and managing both internal and external Mossi market commerce: taxation and tri...

African urban life: the transformation of Ouagadougou
Book 1974 Skinner, Elliott P. (Elliott Percival)

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
This book analyzes main features of 'African urbanism' by focusing on Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso (formerly called Uppr Volta), as an example. The author views Ouagadougou as a node where a whole complex network of economic, social, and poli...

Essay on the manners and customs of the Mossi people in the western Sudan
Book 1921 Mangin, Eugène et al.

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
Father Mangin, who lived among the Mossi for many years, mainly in the province of Koupela, and spoke the language fluently, based this account of Mossi customs and institutions primarily upon personal observations and interviews. The book contains i...