Southeastern Ojibwa
essay 1978 Rogers, Edward S.

OjibwaNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
This document presents a brief historical and ethnological summary of the Ojibwa of northern Michigan and southern Ontario from the early contact period around 1615 to the urbanization period of 1930 to 1972. Data include information on location, war...

The Round Lake Ojibwa
Book 1962 Rogers. Edward S.

OjibwaNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
This monograph is a study of the Round Lake Ojibwa located in northwestern Ontario. Rogers describes this community as they existed at the time of his field work in 1958-1959 and indicates the changes that have taken place in the life of these people...

Northern Ojibwa
essay 1981 Rogers, Edward S. & Garth, J. Taylor

OjibwaNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
This article by Rogers and Taylor is a concise culture summary of Ojibwa ethnography through four major historical phases: the early fur trade period of 1670-1821; the early contact traditional period of 1821-1900; the late contact traditional period...

Subsistence strategy in the fish and hare period, northern Ontario
article 1976 Rogers, Edward S. & Black, Mary B.

OjibwaNorth America > Arctic and Subarctic
Based on interviews with older Ojibwa living in Weagamow village in northern Ontario, the authors discuss the subsistence patterns and strategy of the Northern Ojibwa around the turn of the century. The seasonal round shifted between fishing a variet...