Biomedical observations on the Warao
essay 1980 Layrisse, Miguel & Layrisse, Zulay

WaraoSouth America > Amazon and Orinoco
Biomedical observations of the Warao population is the primary focus of this study, with particular emphasis on hematological analyses of blood samples taken from individuals living in the Orinoco Delta of Venezuela....

Blood group antigen tests of the Waica Indians of Venezuela
article 1962 Layrisse, Miguel et al.

YanoamaSouth America > Amazon and Orinoco
In addition to the blood group study, this article also contains a culture summary of the Yanoama. The authors compare the results of this Waica blood group study with data from the Warao and Yaruro. As a result of this comparison and along with ling...

Warao blood group systems
essay 1980 Layrisse, Miguel et al.

WaraoSouth America > Amazon and Orinoco
This work consists of a blood sample analysis taken from individuals from five Warao subtribes -- the Sakobana, Hobure, Winikina, Koberuna, and Arawabisi....