The crisis in colonial administration
book chapter 1946 Kimball, Solon Toothaker

NavajoNorth America > Southwest and Basin
This is an excellent summary of the relationship between the government and the Navajo since John Collier, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, began his 'New Deal' policy toward administration of the tribe. In particular, Kimball recounts the history of ...

Navajo social organization in land use planning
book chapter 1942 Kimball, Solon Toothaker & Provinse, John A.

NavajoNorth America > Southwest and Basin
This article is a brief review of the major forms of Navajo social organization and a proposal that the government's efforts at reconstituting local leadership be realistically related to these forms. The authors suggest as a practical measure that s...

Family and community in Ireland
Book 1940 Arensberg, Conrad M. (Conrad Maynadier) et al.

Rural IrishEurope > British Isles
This is a social anthropological study of the community life and kinship system of small farmers in County Clare. Detail is given for the farm economy, marriage and family patterns, kinship structure, property and inheritance system, housing and sett...