Blackfoot lodge tales
Book 1962 Grinnell, George Bird

BlackfootNorth America > Plains and Plateau
This book opens with a series of English translations of Blackfoot texts, divided by Grinnell into adventure stories, origin myths, and accounts of the travels and doings of the culture hero, Na'pi ('Old Man'). This section is followed by an ethnogra...

Pawnee, Blackfoot and Cheyenne
book chapter 1961 Grinnell, George Bird

PawneeNorth America > Plains and Plateau
The author has presented in this document a cross-sectional view of three different aspects of Pawnee ethnography, namely that of the summer buffalo hunt in which the author himself was an active participant, the organization of the Pawnees as scouts...

Pawnee hero stories and folk-tales, with notes on the origin, customs and character of the Pawnee people
Book 1889 Grinnell, George Bird

PawneeNorth America > Plains and Plateau
George Bird Grinnell, a natural scientist and early traveler in the American West, first met the Pawnee in 1870 while on a geological expedition with Professor Othniel C. Marsh of Yale University. His contact with the Pawnees awoke in him such intere...