The Kingdon of the Zulu of South Africa
essay 1955 Gluckman, Max

ZuluAfrica > Southern Africa
This source presents a comparative study of Zulu political organization in the mid-19th century under King Mpande and in the mid-20th century under European rule. After a brief introductory section on cultural history, the discussion turns to an anal...

Analysis of a social situation in modern Zululand
article 1940 Gluckman, Max

ZuluAfrica > Southern Africa
This source contains a sociological analysis of the social organization of KwaZulu-Natal as a single system composed of two 'color groups' each of which is internally subdivided. Gluckman attempts to show how the systematic interrelationships create ...

The Lozi of Barostseland in north-western Rhodesia
essay 1959 Gluckman, Max

LoziAfrica > Southern Africa
This work focuses on the administrative system headed by the Lozi king and his councils, on the loyalty relationships between titled royalty and commoners, and on the general Lozi conception of nation as bound up with royalty in a kind of fictive fam...

Essays on Lozi land and royal property
Book 1943 Gluckman, Max

LoziAfrica > Southern Africa
These two essays set out to, first, challenge the concept of communal-owned property in view of evidence from Barotseland (now Zambia) and elsewhere in southern Bantu groups and, second, deal with specific prerogatives of the king regarding tribute a...

Kinship and marriage among the Lozi of Northern Rhodesia and the Zulu of Natal
essay 1958 Gluckman, Max

LoziAfrica > Southern Africa
In this work Gluckman discusses the relation of bride-price size, presence or lack of agnatic lineage groups, inheritance rules, general stability of marriage, and nuclear household among the Lozi and the Zulu. He concludes that there is some correla...

The judicial process among the Barotse of Northern Rhodesia
Book 1967 Gluckman, Max

LoziAfrica > Southern Africa
Gluckman presents (in transcript form with brief explanations) a series of cases that came before the Lialui court (kuta) while he sat there in the 1940's. On the basis of these cases and his general knowledge of Lozi society and polity, Gluckman dis...

Economy of the central Barotse plain
Book 1941 Gluckman, Max

LoziAfrica > Southern Africa
This work is concerned with historical and sociological backgrounds to economic behavior in Loziland. The monograph is useful for the analysis of sociocultural trends with the introduction of money and the colonial administration. Very useful charts ...

Immigrant voters in Israel
Book 1970 Deshen, Shlomo A. & Gluckman, Max

IsraelisMiddle East > Middle East
The material presented in this study describes how religous parties fought an election campaign in an Israeli town, called Ayara by the author. The first part of this book is devoted to a discussion of the demographic, economic, and political structu...

Some 'Shona' tribes of Southern Rhodesia
essay 1959 Holleman, J. F. et al.

ShonaAfrica > Southern Africa
The article deals with several Shona subgroups in Mashonaland Central, Zimbabwe: the Hera of Sabi Reserve, the Rozwi of the Narira and Wedza Reserves, and Mbire of the Wedza Reserve. These groups are commonly regarded as belonging to the Zezuru clust...