Comanche kin behavior
article 1948 Gladwin, Thomas

ComancheNorth America > Plains and Plateau
This document lists Comanche kin terms and forms of address and discusses the associated behavior patterns. Included in the discussion are the relations between siblings, husband and wife, siblings-in-law, parents-in-law, grandparents and grandchildr...

Canoe travel in the Truk area
article 1958 Gladwin, Thomas

ChuukOceania > Micronesia
This article discusses the various factors involved in the extensive canoe trips of the Chuukese, which often covered over two hundred miles in length and occupied weeks and sometimes months in time. The factors that Gladwin believes are very importa...

Book 1953 Gladwin, Thomas & Sarason, Seymour Bernard

ChuukOceania > Micronesia
This monograph is based primarily on seven months of field work that Gladwin undertook on the island of Romonum in the Chuuk group in 1947, and is supplemented by information obtained from other members of the Yale University team on Chuuk who were p...

The Kazkhs
Book 1955 Krader, Lawrence et al.

KazakhAsia > Central Asia
This study of the Kazaks of Soviet Central Asia was conducted for the Department of the Army as a 'Background Study for Psychological Warfare.' It is based entirely on documentary sources. One of the results of the research was the development of new...