Sources of female power in Iran
essay 1994 Friedl, Erika

IranMiddle East > Middle East
In this paper, Friedl argues that in spite of women's subordinate position in Iranian society, they are able to derive some power to effect change in their lives and those of others. Following a dialectic logic, Friedl shows how women counter the dom...

Women of Deh Koh
Book 1989 Friedl, Erika

LurMiddle East > Middle East
This work is based on a 20-year longitudinal study of women in a rural Iran village. Friedl presents her material in the form of 12 stories. They are rich accounts on a variety of topics, including courtship, marriage, rape, childbirth, barrenness, w...

Children of Deh Koh
Book 1997 Friedl, Erika

LurMiddle East > Middle East
The people Friedl studied are Shi'a Lurs living in the high mountains of southwest Iran. This book focuses on children and compliments her earlier work on women of the same village (see document no. 6.) The same families and names appear in both book...