Senegal in former times
article 1933 Rousseau, R. & Brunel, Ariane

WolofAfrica > Western Africa
From the notebooks of Yoro Dyâo, Rousseau has drawn material that is concerned primarily with political organization and traditional history. After explaining how Cayor became independent of the Wolof Empire in 1549, Dyâo retraces the life of each DA...

The black population of the Sudan, Mossi and Gourounsi country, documents and analyses
book chapter 1912 Tauxier, Louis & Brunel, Ariane

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
This sketch of Mossi life is taken from a larger general work on the Negro peoples of the Sudan. It is divided into two sections: occupations and the family, public works and religion. Under the first section are included a brief historical sketch, a...

The Tapirapé
article 1970 Baldus, Herbert & Brunel, Ariane

TapirapéSouth America > Eastern South America
This document is compiled from a number of issues of the Revisto do Arquivo Municipal. The author, an ethnologist, deals with various aspects of Tapirapé culture including diet, dress, ornamentation and body designs, village size and settlement patte...

The eating groups and work groups among the Tapirapé
article 1937 Baldus, Herbert & Brunel, Ariane

TapirapéSouth America > Eastern South America
In this article, the author discusses the organization of eating groups, their role in the distribution of food, the part they play in community feasts, and in social life in general. In addition, the communal labor groups among the Tapirapé are also...

A Tapirapé comes of age
article 1945 Wagley, Charles & Brunel, Ariane

TapirapéSouth America > Eastern South America
This article offers a brief description of puberty rites among the Tapirapé. Although the details of the ceremony itself are not discussed, considerable information is given on the costumes worn by the youths, the preparation for the ceremony, and th...

The agriculture of the Mundurucu Indians
Book 1959 Frikel, Protásio & Brunel, Ariane

MundurucuSouth America > Amazon and Orinoco
This is a comprehensive study of Mundurucu agriculture, the data for which were gathered by the author in 1957 during a two month's stay among the Indians of the Franciscan mission of Cururú and surrounding area. The author reviews briefly the existi...

book chapter 1938 Pinto, Edgard Roquette- & Brunel, Ariane

NambicuaraSouth America > Amazon and Orinoco
This source is concerned with the physical anthropology, pathology, ethnography and linguistics of the peoples in the anthropogeographic region between the Juruena and Madeira rivers in western Brazil, cut by the 'Rondon Road' and designated as 'Rond...

Essay on the manners and customs of the Mossi people in the western Sudan
Book 1921 Mangin, Eugène et al.

MossiAfrica > Western Africa
Father Mangin, who lived among the Mossi for many years, mainly in the province of Koupela, and spoke the language fluently, based this account of Mossi customs and institutions primarily upon personal observations and interviews. The book contains i...

The process of assimilation of the Terena
Book 1960 Oliveira, Roberto Cardoso de & Brunel, Ariane

TerenaSouth America > Southern South America
This source attempts to record and interpret the processes of social interaction between Terena and Brazilian society, with the ultimate goal of determining the operative socio-cultural mechanisms that have affected the more specific process the auth...

Studies on the Mundurucu Tribe
article 1877 Tocantins, Antonio Manoel Goncalves & Brunel, Ariane

MundurucuSouth America > Amazon and Orinoco
This is an account of the author's travels to the upper Tapajoz and Cadereri rivers. It is concerned as much with personal experiences as with objective observation. Although materials clearly related to cultures other than the Mundurucu have been ma...

Senegalese sketches
book chapter 1853 Boilat, Abbé P. -D. (P. -David) & Brunel, Ariane

WolofAfrica > Western Africa
This document is a general ethnographic account of the Wolof by an Apostolic Missionary Priest. Although none of the material is presented in depth, it will be useful for comparative purposes since it is an early description of the people....

History of the New World
book chapter 1893 Cobo, Bernabé et al.

InkaSouth America > Central Andes
This volume contains chapters 12 through 38 of book 13 and chapters 1 through 19 (all) of book 14 of the author's monumental history. Although the other volumes not processed for the files contain considerable data on the natural environment of the I...

Information concerning the religion and government of the Incas
Book 1916 Polo de Ondegardo, d. 1575 et al.

InkaSouth America > Central Andes
This document is concerned primarily with various forms of taxation and tribute in existence during pre-Spanish days in the Inka empire and the adaptation and reapplication of this basic system during the subsequent Soanish administration. The author...