Dahomean marriage
article 1949 Bohannan, Laura

FonAfrica > Western Africa
This article re-evaluates the sociological context that led to the presence of thirteen ‘types’ of marriage in Dahomey. It traces this paradox to the culturally defined distinction contracting parties make between rights in a woman as wife—rights in ...

A Genealogical charter
1952 Bohannan, Laura

TivAfrica > Western Africa

The Tiv of central Nigeria
Book 1953 Bohannan, Laura & Bohannan, Paul

TivAfrica > Western Africa
This well-organized survey brings together in one volume the existing knowledge of Tiv culture. It contains information on demography, language, history, social organization, political structure, economic activities, kinship and marriage ties, treatm...

Three source notebooks in Tiv ethnography
essay 1958 Bohannan, Paul & Bohannan, Laura

TivAfrica > Western Africa
This source represents an experiment in putting anthropological field notes into the Files. These notes contain excerpts from official documents, selected and commented upon by the authors in addition to original field materials. The source is divide...

A source book on Tiv religion
Book 1969 Bohannan, Paul & Bohannan, Laura

TivAfrica > Western Africa
This compendium presents reworked field notes on a number of subjects related to Tiv religion, particularly on witchcraft. It is divided into five volumes, paginated consecutively. The first volume contains data on general religious beliefs, ethno-co...

Tiv economy
1968 Bohannan, Paul & Bohannan, Laura

TivAfrica > Western Africa