Political leadership among Swat Pathans
Book 1965 Barth, Fredrik

PashtunAsia > Central Asia
This revised Ph.D. thesis is Barth's early attempt to describe the political structure of Pashtun society in the Swat valley of the North-West Frontier Province of Afghanistan prior to state formation. Mutual aspects of patron-client bonds are demons...

Features of person and society in Swat
Book 1981 Barth, Fredrik

PashtunAsia > Central Asia
This is a comparative, theoretical study which reveals the progression of the author's thinking on the social system in the mountain-valley region of Swat. The first two-thirds of the book (Chapters 1-6) are reprinted essays analyzing the dominant fe...

Nomads of South-Persia
Book 1961 Barth, Fredrik

BasseriMiddle East > Middle East
This book seeks to describe and analyze the social and economic organization of the Basseri of Fars province (Iran) in terms of a general ecological perspective. The focus is on the processes through which the Basseri organize nomadic herding and rel...

Capital, investment and the social structure of a pastoral nomad group in south Persia
essay 1969 Barth, Fredrik

BasseriMiddle East > Middle East
This article discusses the nature of pastoral economy of the Basseri tribe of Fars, Iran, and its implications for social strcuture....

Father's brother's daughter marriage in Kurdistan
article 1954 Barth, Fredrik

KurdsMiddle East > Middle East
In this article Barth presents an interpretation of the function of patrilateral parallel cousin (FBD) marriage that differs from the standard explanation. Barth's hypothesis is that this marriage pattern 'plays a prominent role in solidifying the mi...

Principles of social organization in southern Kurdistan
Book 1953 Barth, Fredrik

KurdsMiddle East > Middle East
This work describes the culture of the Kurds of southern Kurdistan with particular emphasis on the social structure, in which light the blood fued is discussed. Very little material culture is described....

Economic spheres in Darfur
essay 1967 Barth, Fredrik, 1928

FurAfrica > Eastern Africa
This study describes salient features of traditional subsistence and exchange among Fur farmers living in dense villages on the slopes of the Jebel Marra. Using the concept of “economic spheres,” the author provides generalizations about determinants...