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The Ona were a Native American ethnic group who occupied most of the large island of Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America. The Ona were divided into two main groups, the Haush and Selk'nam, who were distinct both dialectically and culturally. As of the 1990s, the Ona are considered to be extinct. The Ona language is closely related to Tehuelche. Subsistence was based primarily on hunting and the Ona were nomadic.


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South America --Southern South America




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ASKA -- the close family -- Category 596

HARUWENS --a territorial unit occupied by Selk'nam families -- Categories 423, 631

HOOWINS -- spirits -- Category 776

KAS-WAIUWEN-JIR -- shamanistic competitions at KUASH-KETINS -- Category 756

KASPI -- souls or spirits of the dead -- Category 775

KAUWI -- dwellings -- Category 342

KEMAL -- a warrior who achieved great fame -- Categories 701, 554

KLOKETEN celebration -- Category 881

KUASH-KETIN -- a reunion of families from all parts ot Tierre Del Fuego to exchange objects and to engage in shamanistic and sporting competitions -- Categories 574, 571

LAILUKA -- sages -- Category 554

SHO'ON (SKY) -- territorial divisions -- Category 631

WAIUWIN -- the shaman's power -- Category 778

XO'ON -- shamans -- Category 756

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