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Lau Fijians

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The Lau Fijians occupy the central and southern islands of the Lau island chain that is part of Fiji. Villages are located along the coast, often surrounded by coconut palm and breadfruit tree groves. Horticulture is practiced as well as fishing, raising pigs and chickens, and hunting of sea animals. Copra is a commercial crop. The chiefdom was the largest political unit in Lau. Today, Lauans participate in national politics which are marked by ethnic-based rivalry between native Fijians and Asian Indians and rivalries between different chiefdoms.


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Oceania --Polynesia



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BATI NI LOVO (I TOKATOKA) -- extended families -- category 596

I TOKATOKA -- extended families -- category 596

I SORO -- ritual apology -- category 627

KAWA -- a patrilineal descent group -- category 613

MADUA -- shame -- category 152

MATANIVANUA -- an executive officer at the community level -- category 624

MATAQALI -- subclans -- category 614

TABUA -- the polished whale's tooth used by Fijians in ritual presentations and petitions -- categories 778, (sometimes 556)

TURANGA/VANUA -- classes -- category 565

YAQONA -- a beverage made from Kava -- category 276, (sometimes 272)

YAVUSA -- kindred -- category 612

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