Savoy, Ann Allen, 1952-. Cajun music: a reflection of a people. Vol. 1

Table of Contents

Publication Information

The Instruments

The Diatonic * Accordion

Accordion Builders 1984

Cajun Fiddle

Cajun Fiddle Style

Four Popular Guitar Styles Used In Cajun Music

Basic Guitar Chords Used In Cajun Music

Cajun Songs

A Brief History Of Cajun Music And Its Instrumentation

A Comparison Of Songs

Traditional Ballads

Si J'aurais Des Ailes

“je M'endors, Je M'endors”

“je M'endors, Je M'endors”

La Fille De Quatorze Ans

Aux Natchitoches

Songs Of Ritual/songs Of Festival Occasions

Christmas Drinking Song

Another Christmas Drinking Song

La Chanson De La Nouvelle Annee

Mardi Gras

La Danse De Mardi Gras

Early Cajun Music

Sady Courville

Wade Frugé

Dennis Mcgee

Interview With Lee Miller And Dennis Mcgee

Discography Of Dennis Mcgee

Mon Chere Bebe Creole

Pa Janvier *

Adieu, Rosa, Demain C'est Pas Dimanche (“rosa, Tomorrow Is Not Sunday”)

Madame Young, Donnez-moi Votre Plus Jolie Blonde

La Valse A Pop

Amédée Ardoin

Amédée Ardoin Discography

Eunice Two-step

La Valse A Abe

Madame Atchen

Two Step De Maman

La Valse A Austin Ardoin

Amédée Breaux

Discography Of Amédée Breaux

Ma Blonde Est Partie (“jolie Blonde”)

Les Tracas Du Hobo Blues (“poor Hobo”)

Joe And Cleoma Falcon

Joseph C. Falcon Accordion Player And Singer--a Biographical Sketch

Discography Of Cleoma Breaux Falcon

Discography Of Joseph Falcon

Mon Coeur T'appelle (“j'ai Passé Devant Ta Porte”)

Lafayette *

Ils Ont Vole Mon Traîneau (“il La Volés Mon Trancas”)

Poche Town *

Leve Tes Fenetres Haut

String Band Era

Luderin Darbone

Hackberry Ramblers Discography

Quitter La Maison

Cajun Crawl *

Une Piastre Ici, Une Piastre La-bas (“un Pias Ici, Un Pias Là-bas”)

Leo Soileau

Discography Of Leo Soileau

He, Mom (“mama, Where You At?”)

La Valse De La Rosa

Attrape-moi, Je Tombe *

J. B. Fuselier

Discography Of J.b. Fuselier

Pense A Moi (“ponce À Moi”)

Ma Chere Bassette

Chere Tout-toute *

The Return Of The Accordion

Iry Lejeune

Discography Of Iry Lejeune

J'ai Ete-z-au Bal (“i Went To The Dance”)

La Valse Des Grands Chemins

Vient Me Chercher (“come And Get Me”)

J'ai Fait Une Grosse Erreur (“i Made A Big Mistake”)

Lacassine Special

La Valse De Quatre-vingt-dix-neuf Ans (“the Convict Waltz”)

Jeunes Filles De La Campagne (“don't Get Married”)

Grand Bosco

It Happened To Me

Duralde Waltz

Jolie Catin (same Tune As “eunice Two Step”)

La Valse De Cajun

Bayou Chêne Waltz

'tit Monde (“te Monde”)

Calcasieu Waltz

La Valse Du Pont D'amour (“lovebridge Waltz”)

La Branche Du Mûrier (“the Waltz Of The Mulberry Limb”)

Evangeline Special

Bayou Pon Pon Special

Aldus Roger

Discography Of Aldus Roger

Lafayette Two Step

Une Autre Chance (“one More Chance”) By Johnnie Allan

Louisiana Waltz

Lawrence Walker

Discography Of Lawrence Walker

Chere Alice

'tits Yeux Noirs (“yeaux Noir”)

La Valse Du Malchanceux (“the Unlucky Waltz”)

Reno Waltz

Tous Les Deux Pour La Meme

Shirley Bergeron

Discography Of Shirley And Alphée Bergeron

Quelle Etoile

La Valse De La Belle

J'ai Fait Mon Idee (“j'ai Fait Mon Ede'e”)

Old Home Waltz

A Return To Traditional Fiddle Music

The Music Of The Balfa Family

Dewey Balfa

Harry & Tony Balfa

Euna Bolfa Comments On Her Husband, Will Bolfa

Balfa Brothers Discography

Grand Mamou

La Valse Du Bambocheur

Parlez Nous A Boire


'tit Galop Pour Mamou

Port Arthur Blues

Je Suis Orphelin

Les Veuves De La Coulee

La Valse De Balfa

Kaplan Waltz

Les Flammes D'enfer As Sung By Rodney Balfa

La Valse De Grand Bois

Modern Cajun Songwriters

D. L. Menard

D. L. Menard Discography

La Porte D'en Arriere “the Back Door”

I Can Live A Better Life

She Didn't Know I Was Married

Rebecca Ann

A Modern Viewpoint: Conversation Between Shirley Bergeron And Belton Richard

Belton Richard

Belton Richard Discography

Juste Un Rêve

I Don't Want You Anymore

La Valse D'ennui

The Waltz Of No Return

Old Style Creole And Modern Zydeco

The Accordions Used In Creole And Zydeco Music

A Brief History Of Old Time Creole Music And Modern Zydeco And Its Instrumentation

A Comparison Of Songs

Interview With Bois Sec Ardoin, Freeman Fontenot, And Marc Savoy

Claude Faulk

Old Style Creole Music

Bois Sec And Marceline Ardoin

Discography Of Bois Sec Ardoin

Chère Ici, Chère Là-bas

Home, Sweet Home

Petite Ou La Grosse

Canray Fontenot

Canray Fontenot's Discography

Barres De La Prison

Bonsoir Moreau

Joe Pitre A Deux Femmes *

Jolie Bassette *

Bébé Carrière

The Carriere Brothers Discography

La Vieille Malheureuse (“tu M'as Quitté Dans La Porte”)

La Robe A Parasol

Untitled Section: ...

John Delafose

Discography Of John Delafose

Joe Pitre A Deux Femmes

Bye Bye Mon Neg

Quo' Faire? (“co-fé?”)

Rockin' Dopsie And Alvina Rubin

Rockin' Dopsie Discography

Josephine (c'est Pas Ma Femme)

Quand Mo Perds Ma 'tite Fille * (“when I Lost My Little Girl”)

Clifton Chenier

The Early Years

Clifton Chenier Interview By Ben Sandmel

Discography Of Clifton Chenier

Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés (“zydeco Est Pas Salé”)

Louisiana Blues

Zydeco Two Step

J'suis Un Recolteur (“i'm A Farmer”)

Tous Les Temps En Temps (“tu Le Ton Son Ton”)

Ça M'appelle Fou (“sa M'appellent Fou”)

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Author: Author's name as listed in Library of Congress records

Title: Cajun music: a reflection of a people. Vol. 1

Published By: Original publisher Eunice, La.: Bluebird Press. 1984. [vi], [xvii], [425] p. ill., music

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication compiled & edited by Ann Allen Savoy

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 1995. Computer File

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Subjects: Document-level OCM identifiers given by the anthropology subject indexers at HRAF Music (533); Musical instruments (534); Literary texts (539);

Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document According to Savoy Cajun music, which at one time was found only in the backwoods of Louisiana, now occupies a prominent place in America. For the Cajun, music is vital to the continuation of the culture, serving to bind together the old and new generations. 'Those who can identify with this music can identify with the people because the music is a reflection of the lives, strengths, sorrows, and joys of the people' (p. xi). This book presents a detailed discussion of the entire range of Cajun music from a study of musical instruments, songs, and the styles in the Cajun repertoire ca. 1984. Savoy organizes her material around several major themes: traditional ballads, early Cajun music, the string band era, the return of the accordion, traditional fiddle music, and modern song writers. Each division is examined from the standpoint of the outstanding representative musicians of the period, their discographies, and examples of their lyrics and songs.

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