Beckwith, Martha Warren, 1871-1959. Hawaiian mythology

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Untitled Section: ...

I Coming Of The Gods

Ii Ku Gods

Story Of Kuula

Legend Of Aiai

Story Of Punia-iki

Story Of Puniakaia

Iii The God Lono

Legend Of Oro

Song Of Lono

Iv The Kane Worship

Legend Of Creation

V Kane And Kanaloa

Legends Of Kane And Kanaloa As Water Finders

Vi Mythical Lands Of The Gods

Legend Of Makuakaumana

Myth Of Kanehunamoku

Vii Lesser Gods

Myth Of The Oven Of Food From The Body Of A God

Legend Of The Bitter Gourd

Myth Of Maikoha

Viii Sorcery Gods

Legend Of Pahulu

Legend Of Lanikaula

Legend Of Kalaipahoa

Legend Of Lonopuha

Myth Of Lonopuha And Milu

Legend Of Kumukahi

Ix Guardian Gods

Legend Of Pumaia

Aumakua Legends

Tales Of Animal Lovers

Stories Of Offended Aumakua

Story Of Mikololou's Escape

Romance Of “the Little Brown Shark Of Pu`uloa”

Legends Of Shark-men

X The Soul After Death

Legend Of Maluae

Story Of Hiku And Kawelu

Story Of Eleio

Story Of Kahalaopuna

Story Of Pamano

Part Two Children Of The Gods

Xi The Pele Myth

Pele Legends

Hi`iaka Myth

Xii The Pele Sisters

Legend Of Kaohelo

Myth Of Pu`u-hele

Myths Of Sacred Hills

Xiii Pele Legends

Legend Of The Boaster

Legend Of Paula

Legend Of Kahawali

Story Of The Stingy Girl

Story Of Punaaikoae

Story Of The Demon Head

Story Of The Demon Wife

Story Of Fishing With Eyes

Xiv Kampaua`a

Legend Of The Kamapua`a Family

Legend Of Kamapua`a

Xv Hina Myths

Myth Of Hinahanaiaikamalama

Xvi Maui The Trickster

Xvii Aikanaka-kaha`i Cycle

Aikanaka Legend

Hema Legend

Kaha`i Legend

Xviii Wahieloa-laka Cycle

Legend Of Wahieloa

Legend Of Laka

Xix Haumea

Myth Of Haumea As Papa

Myth Of Haumea As Kamehaikana

Myth Of Haumea As Patroness Of Childbirth

Romance Of The Stick Makalei

Keaomelemele Tree Myth

Story Of Longapoa And The Tree Of Plenty

Part Three The Chiefs

Xx Papa And Wakea

Myth Of Papa-hanau-moku

Xxi Genealogies

Xxii Era Of Overturning

Xxiii Mu And Menehune People

Story Of Keahialoa

Legend Of The Mu People

Legend Of The Menehune People

Ola Legend

Umi Story

Wainiha Story

Legend Of The Trapped Wife

Oahu Canoe Legends

Xxiv Runners, Man-eaters, Dog-men

Legends Of Famous Runners

Legends Of Olohe

Xxv The Moikeha-la`a Migration

Legend Of Moikeha-olopana

Legend Of Kila And La`a-mai-kahiki

Legend Of Kila And His Jealous Brothers

Legend Of La`a-mai-kahiki's Triplet Sons

Tradition Of La`a-mai-kahiki And The Hula Drum

Xxvi Hawaiiloa And Paao Migrations

Pukapuka Myth Of Mataliki

Paao Migration Legend

Paao And Pili-kaaiea Legend

Xxvii Ruling Chiefs

Legend Of Popoalaea

Legend Of Hua And The Prophet

Legend Of Kalaunuiahua

Legend Of Kukanaloa

Xxviii Usurping Chiefs

Legend Of Kihapi`ilani

Legend Of Umi Son Of Liloa

Legend Of Lonoikamakahiki

Legend Of Kuali`i

Part Four Heroes And Lovers In Fiction

Xxix Kupua Stories

Legend Of Kawelo

Legend Of Palila

Legend Of Kalelealuaka

Legend Of Kapunohu

Legend Of Nihooleki

Legend Of Kalaepuni

Legend Of Kalaehina (kalaikini, Kaleikini)

Legend Of Kepakailiula

Legend Of Pikoiakaalala

Legend Of Lepeamoa

Xxx Trickster Stories

Story Of Pupuhuluena

Story Of Kaulu

Story Of Kaululaau

Story Of Lepe

Story Of Punia

Story Of Hanaaumoe

Story Of Wakaina

Story Of Iwa

Xxxi Voyage To The Land Of The Gods

Story Of Waha-nui

Xxxii Riddling Contests

Legend Of The Riddling Chief Of Kauai

Xxxiii The Kana Legend

Legend Of Kana And The Rescue Of Hina

Hono`ura Legend

Apakura Legend

Legend Of Kana Restoring The Sun

Xxxiv The Stretching-tree Kupua

Story Of Niauepo`o

Romance Of Kalanimanuia

Story Of Namakaokapao`o

Xxxv Romance Of The Swimmer

Romance Of Aukelenuiaiku

Xxxvi Romance Of The Island Of Virgins

Romance Of Kaanaelike

Romance Of Kae And The Island Of Women

Xxxvii Romances Of Match-making

Romance Of Hainakolo

Romance Of Laukiamanuikahiki

Romance Of Uweuwelekehau

Romance Of Hoamakeikekula

Romance Of Kapuaokaoheloai

Romance Of Kaumailiula

Romance Of Kaulanaikipoki`i

Xxxviii Romances Of The Dance

Romance Of Keaomelemele

Romance Of Laukaieie

Romance Of Halemano

Xxxix Wooing Romances

Romance Of Laieikawai

Romance Of Kaililauokekoa

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Author: Author's name as listed in Library of Congress records

Title: Hawaiian mythology

Published By: Original publisher Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. 1970. xxxiii, 575 p.

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication Martha Beckwith. With a new introd. by Katharine Luomala

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 2003. Computer File

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Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document This work, by Martha Warren Beckwith (1871-1959), a noted folklorist and ethnologist of her day, presents a definitive account of the myths, legends, traditions, folktales, and romances of the Hawaiian people. The book is divided into several parts dealing with stories of gods and ghosts, of ancestors as they appear in the genealogies of chiefs, and of fiction in the form of legends and romances…(p. 1).

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Coverage Place: Location of the research culture or tradition (often a smaller unit such as a band, community, or archaeological site) Hawaiian Islands, United States

LCSH: Library of Congress Subject Headings Hawaiians


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