Sahagún, Bernadino de, -1590. General history of the things of New Spain: Florentine codex: book 10 -- the people

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De Los Vícíos Y Vírtudes Desta Gente

The Tenth Book 1 Which Treateth Of The General History, In Which Are Told The Different Virtues And Vices Which Were Of The Body And Of The Soul, Whosoever Practised Them.

First Chapter . Here Are Told The Inherent Qualities, The Nature, Of Those Related Through Lineage.

Father — One's Father 2

Mother — One's Mother 6

Oni's Child— One's Child 11

One's Daughter 13 — One's Daughter 14

The Child—the Child

Uncle — One's Uncle

One's Aunt

Nephew (niece) [male Speaking] 21 — One's Nephew (niece)

One's Nephew (niece) [female Speaking]

One's Grandfather—grandfather

Grandmother—one's Grandmother

The Great-grandfather

The Great-grandmother


The Grandchild

[ Second Chapter , Concerning The] 1 Degrees Of Affinity.

Father-in-law—father-in-law Of A Deceased Person

Mother-in-law — Mother-in-law Of A Deceased Person

The Father Of The Parents-in-law

The Mother Of The Parents-in-law

The Son-in-law

The Daughter-in-law

Brother-in-law 3 [male Speaking]

Brother-in-law 5 [female Speaking]

Sister-in-law [male Speaking]

Sister-in-law 6 [female Speaking]

Older Brother



Stepchild — Stepchild [female Speaking]

[ Third Chapter. ] 1 Age Differences.

The Old Man

The Old Woman

The Noble Man Of Middle Age 5

The Middle-aged Woman 6

The Mature Man 7

The Mature Woman 8

The Youth 9

The Maiden 11

The Boy 12

The Infant 13

The Child 16

The Little Child 17

Baby 18

Fourth Chapter , In Which Are Mentioned The Works, The Nature, And The Honors Of The Nobles.

The Noble Person 1

The Ruler

The Magistrate 3

The Noble 5

The Noble 6

The Esteemed Noble 7

Fifth Chapter. 1 Here Are Mentioned The Honored Nobles. 2

The Noble 3

One Of Noble Lineage 8

[another] Of Noble Lineage 12

[another] Of Noble Lineage 13

[another] Of Noble Lineage 14

[another] Of Noble Lineage 15 .

[another] Of Noble Lineage 18

[another] Of Noble Lineage 20

[another] Of Noble Lineage 21

Sixth Chapter. , Which Telleth Of The Men, The Valiant Men. 1

Brave Man 2

The Valiant Man 3

The Shorn One 6

The Valiant Warrior 7

The Commanding General, The General 9

Seventh Chapter. Here Is Told The Way Of Life Of The Goldcasters And The Featherworkers.

The Craftsman

The Goldworker, The Goldcaster

The Coppercaster, The Copperfinisher

The Lapidary

Eighth Chapter , In Which Are Mentioned Other Ways Of Gaining A Livelihood, Such As [the Work Of] Carpenters And The Stone Cutter.

The Stone Cutter, The Stone Breaker

The Mason

The Scribe

The Singer

The Wise Man 9

The Physician

Ninth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Enchanters, The Sorcerers, The Magicians.

The Sorcerer 1

The Soothsayer, The Reader Of The Day Signs 2

The Possessed One 4

The Attorney

The Solicitor; He [who] Solicits

Tenth Chapter , In Which Is Mentioned Gaining A Living By Tailoring And By Weaving.

The Tailor

The Spinner 1

Eleventh Chapter , Which Telleth Of The The Vicious, The Perverse, Such As Bawds Or Pimps.

The Deranged Man, The Madman

The Lewd Youth

The Old Whoremonger

The Procurer

The Pervert

The Murderer, The Murderer Of People

The Traitor

The Buffoon

The Thief

The Dancer With A Dead Woman's Forearm; The Dancer With The Forearm

The Highwayman

Twelfth Chapter , Which Telleth Of Some Of The Works, Some Of The Ways Of Gaining A Livelihood Of Those Such As Merchants Or Workers Of The Soil.

The Man Who Has Become Rich; The Rich Man

The Farmer

The Horticulturist

The Potter

The Merchant

Thirteenth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Noblewomen.

A Noblewoman 1

[another] Noblewoman 4

[another] Noblewoman 5

[another] Noblewoman 7

[another] Noblewoman 8

The Maiden 9

The Girl, The Little Girl 10

The Maiden 12

[another] Noblewoman 13

[another] Noblewoman 14

[another] Noblewoman 15

[another] Noblewoman 16

[another] Noblewoman 17

[another] Noblewoman 18

[another] Noblewoman 19

[another] Noblewoman 22

[another] Noblewoman 24

[another] Noblewoman 25

[another] Noblewoman 27

The Good Noblewoman

Fourteenth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Nature, The Condition Of The Common Women.

The Robust Woman

The Mature Woman

The Weaver Of Designs

The Spinner

The Seamstress

The Cook

The Physician

Fifteenth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Different Kinds Of Evil Women.

The Harlot; The Carnal Woman

The Scandalous Woman

The Hermaphrodite

The Procuress; [the Woman] Who Procures

Sixteenth Chapter , Which Telleth Of Gainers Of Livelihoods Such As The Merchants.

The Merchant 1

The Slave Dealer, The Bather Of Slaves

The Head Merchant, The Principal Merchant In Foreign Parts, The Distinguished Trader

The Vanguard Merchant

The Seller Of Green Stones; The Man [with] The Basket

The Seller Op Cast Metal Objects, Of Necklaces, Of Bracelets, Of Golden Bracelets

The Feather Seller

The Exchange Dealer, The Dealer In Gold

Untitled Section: ...

Seventeenth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Cape Sellers, The People With The Capes.

The Man With The Capes

The Principal Merchant

Eighteenth 1 Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Cacao Sellers And Of Those Who Sell Grains Of Maize [and] Dried Beans.

The Cacao Seller, The Cacao Dealer

The Seller Of Maize Grains

The Bean Seller

The Amaranth Seed 7 Seller

The Seller Of Gourd Seeds

Nineteenth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Sellers Of Tortillas [and Of] Tamales, Or Of Those Who Sell Wheaten Bread.

The Flour Seller

Twentieth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Sellers Of Coarse Maguey Fiber Capes And Of The Sellers Of Sandals.

The Sandal Seller, The Sandal Maker

The Cotton Seller

The Seller Of Wrinkled Chía

Twenty-first Chapter , Which Telleth Of Those Who Sell 1 Colors, Rabbit Hair [material], And Gourd Bowls.

The Seller Of Rabbit-hair [material] 10

The Seller Of Gourd Bowls

The Seller Of Lime

Twenty-second Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Fruit Sellers And The Food Sellers.

The Man With The Fruit

The Meat Seller

Twenty-third Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Olla Makers, The Clay Workers, And The Makers Of Large Baskets [and] Of Small Baskets.

The Seller Of Large Baskets

The Seller Of Salt

Twenty-fourth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Turkey Sellers, Of Those Who Sell Eggs, And Of Those Who Sell Various Medicines.

The Obsidian Seller

The Medicine Seller, The Man On The Reed Mat

Twenty-fifth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Candle Sellers, And The Bag Sellers, And Those Who Sell Sashes.

The Bag Seller

Twenty-sixth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Atole Sellers, And The Sellers Of Prepared Chocolate, And The Sellers Of Saltpeter.

The Seller Of Fine Chocolate

Twenty-seventh Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Intestines, And Of All The Internal Organs, And Of All The External Organs, [and] Of The Joints Pertaining To Men And Pertaining To Women. 1

Twenty-eighth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Ailments Of The Body And Of Medicines Suitable To Use For Their Cure. 1

Splitting Of The Hair 2


Head Scabies, Tinea

Head Abscesses


Broken Skull, Skull Wound

Infected Ear

Ear Ulcers 23

Ear Ulcers 24

Infected Ears 28

Swelling [ Of The Face ]

Face Wheals , 36 Face Blotches 37

Face Blisters

Roughness Of The Face

Eye Pains

Fleshy Growth Over The Eyes


Films Over The Eyes


Dryness Of The Nostrils

Scabs Of The Nostrils


Wounding Of The Nose 78

Laceration Of A Lip

Lip Sores

Swollen Gums

Tooth Infection

Tooth Infection; Swollen Gums

Scum On The Teeth; Tartar On The Teeth

Abscess Of The Tongue

Swelling Of The Tongue

Stammering; Lisping

Swelling Of The Throat 1

Stiff Neck, Benumbed Neck


Abscesses On The Neck


Chest Ailments, Or Cough, Or [shortness Of Breath From] Running

The Nursing Woman Who No Longer Produces Milk

Breast Tumor

Jigger Fleas [which] Always Settle On The Back

The Breaking [of Bones]

Swelling From Sprains

A Constant Cough

The Spitting Of Blood 24

Stomach Pain


A Flux, A Suppurative Or Bloody Flux


Dysuria 8


Pustules 1

Skin Sores 7

The Remedy For The “divine Sickness” 12


Knee Swelling

Leg Swelling

Humors Of The Feet 17

Benumbed Feet

Urinary Obstruction


Humors Of The Feet 29

Festering; Or Burns, Cuts

Twenty-ninth Chapter , Which Telleth Of The Various Kinds Of People, The People Who Dwelt Everywhere Here In The Land; Those Who Arrived, Who Came To Settle, Who Came To Cause The Dries To Be Founded.

The Quaquata, The Matlatzinca, The Toloque

Their Virtues

The Maçauaque

The Totonaque; Singular, Totonac

The Huaxteca


Couixca, Tlappaneca

Yopime, Tlappaneca

Olmeca, Uixtoti, Mixteca

Michoaque, Quaochpanme

The Mexica Or Mexiti

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Title: General history of the things of New Spain: Florentine codex: book 10 -- the people

Published By: Original publisher Sante Fe, New Mexico: The School of American Research and the University of Utah. 1961 [1974 reprint]. 18, 197 p., 14 plates ill.

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication Fray Bernadino de Sahagún ; translated from the Aztec, with notes and illustrations, by Arthur J. O. Anderson and Charles E. Dibble

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 2017. Computer File

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Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document The Franciscan missionary Sahagún presaged modern ethnography when, beginning the 1540s, he initiated a project to better comprehend pre-Conquest Aztec ideology and culture, interviewing elderly elites and having the data transcribed and illustrated by multilingual native scholars over a period of some thirty years. This is an English language translation of the original side-by-side Spanish and Nahuatl text. It describes various Aztec occupations and social stations, presents lists of native terms for parts of the body and of diseases and their treatments, and gives brief descriptions of historical ("Toltec") and contemporary peoples of central Mexico known to the Aztecs.

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