Wildschut, William. Crow Indian medicine bundles

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Concepts Of The Diety And Of Supernatural Powers

Origins Of Medicine Bundles

Medicine Bundle Covers And Contents

Testing The Medicine Bundle

Transfer Of Bundles

Classification Of Crow Medicine Bundles

The Collection Of Crow Medicine Bundles

Sun Dance Bundles

Origin Of The Sun Dance Bundle

Number Of Crow Sun Dance Bundles

Two Leggings' Sun Dance Bundle Figures 2, 3 And 4

Sees-the-tent-ground's Sun Dance Bundle Plate 2 And Figure 5

Other Sun Dance Effigies Figures 6 Through 11

Conjectural History Of The Sun Dance Bundle

War Medicine Bundles

Crow Leadership

War Honors And Insignia

Acquisition Of War Medicine Bundles

Types Of War Medicine Bundles

Hoop Medicine Bundles

Origin Of The Hoop Medicine Bundle

Bull Shows' Hoop Medicine Bundle Figures 12 And 13

White Shirt's Hoop Medicine Bundle Figure 14

Arrow Medicine Bundles

Origin Of The Arrow Medicine Bundles

Arrows From Arrow Medicine Bundles Figure 15

Individual War Medicine Bundles

Two Leggings' War Medicine Bundle Figures 17 And 18

Fat's War Medicine Bundle Figures 19 And 20

Big Shoulder's War Medicine Bundle Figure 21

Long Otter's War Medicine Bundle Figure 22

Iron Forks' War Medicine Bundle Figure 23

Big Forehead's War Medicine Bonnet Figures 24, And 25

Buffalo Bull's War Medicine Shirt Figure 26

Sees-the-living-bull's Moccasin Bundle Figures 27 And 28

No Tears' Wolf Skin War Medicine Not Illustrated


Hump's Shield Figure 29

Red Woodpecker's Shield Figure 30

Yellow Brow's Shield Figure 31

Rotten Belly's Shield Frontispiece And Figure 32

Miniature Shields Figures 33 And 34

Skull Medicine Bundles

The Braided Tail Skull Medicine Bundle Figure 36

The White Child Skull Medicine Bundle Color Plate 3

Other Skull Medicine Bundles

The Rotten Belly Jaw Medicine Figures 37, 38, 39

Tooth And Hair Medicines None Illustrated

Rock Medicine Bundles

Powers Attributed To Rock Medicines

Ornamentation Of Rock Medicines

Origin Legends

Opening Of Rock Medicine Bundles

Ceremony Of The Singing Of The Cooked Meat

Little Nest's Rock Medicine Bundle Figure 68

Smells' Rock Medicine Bundle Figures 40 And 41

Big Sky's Rock Medicine Bundle Figures 42 And 43

Pretty Coyote's Rock Medicine Bundle Figures 44 And 45

Medicine Pipe Bundles

Origin Of The Medicine Pipe Society

Ceremony Of The Medicine Pipe Society

Rotten Belly's Medicine Pipe Bundle Plate 4 And Figure 46

Pipe-holders' Pipe Bundles

Standing Bull's Medicine Pipe Figures 47 And 48

Pretty Coyote's Medicine Pipe Figures 49 And 50

Love Medicine Bundles

Weasel Moccasin's Love Medicine Effigies Not Illustrated

Travel's Love Medicine Robe Of Elkskin Figure 51

Fog's Love Medicine Robe Of Elkskin See Figures 52 And 53

Standing Elk's Love Medicine Flute Not Illustrated

Flat Lip's Love Medicine Flute Figure 54

Long Tail's Love Medicine Flute Figure 54

Long Tail's Love Medicine Effigy And Headdress Figures 55 And 56

Old Crow's Love Charming Belt Figure 57

Elk Love Medicine Of Short's Wife Not Illustrated

Antelope Love Medicine Power

Witchcraft Medicine Bundles

Healing Medicine Bundles.

Slippery Eyes' Snake Medicine Bundle Figures 58 And 59

Long's Buffalo Medicine Bundle Figure 61

Buffalo Tail Wound-treating Medicines Figure 60

Buffalo Chip Medicine Of Big Ox Figures 62 And 63

Medicine For Treating Barren Women Figure 64

Medicine For Treating Women's Diseases Figure 65

Big Forehead's Wolf Medicine Not Illustrated

Dream Origins Of Herb Medicines

Stomach Kneaders Figure 66

Buffalo Hunting Medicines

Historical And Comparative Survey

The Prehistoric Crow Indians

Evidence Of Medicine Bundles In The Prehistoric Period

Crow Medicine Bundles In The Early Historic Period

Medicine Bundles Among Other Upper Missouri Tribes

Adoption Of “white Men's Magic” As Crow Medicines


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Author: Author's name as listed in Library of Congress records

Title: Crow Indian medicine bundles

Published By: Original publisher New York: Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation. 1960. i-178 p., 4 colored and 68 black and white plates

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication edited by John C. Ewers

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 2014. Computer File

Culture: Culture name from the Outline of World Cultures (OWC) with the alphanumberic OWC identifier in parenthesis. Crow (NQ10)

Subjects: Document-level OCM identifiers given by the anthropology subject indexers at HRAF Cultural identity and pride (186); Spirits and gods (776); Mythology (773); General character of religion (771); Eschatology (775); Revelation and divination (787); Sacred objects and places (778); Status, role, and prestige (554); Organized ceremonial (796); Warfare (726); Sodalities (575); Uniform and accouterment (714); Music (533); Work in skins (281); Spectacles (541); Inheritance (428); Burial practices and funerals (764); Cult of the dead (769); Prayers and sacrifices (782); Magical and mental therapy (755); Hunting and trapping (224); Shamans and psychotherapists (756); Conception (842); Traditional history (173); ;

Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document The principal author, a businessman, collected extensively among the Crow between 1918 and 1927. Shortly after his death, this portion of his unpublished manuscript on Crow culture was compiled and edited by a researcher who added the bracketed material and footnotes. The monograph describes and illustrates a number of Crow medicine bundles. These bundles were used in the Sun Dance, warfare, love magic, curing, witchcraft, etc.

Document Number: HRAF's in-house numbering system derived from the processing order of documents 21

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Analyst: The HRAF anthropologist who subject indexed the document and prepared other materials for the eHRAF culture/tradition collection. James R. Leary ; 1961

Coverage Date: The date or dates that the information in the document pertains to (often not the same as the field date). 1805-1927

Coverage Place: Location of the research culture or tradition (often a smaller unit such as a band, community, or archaeological site) northern Great Plains, United States

LCSH: Library of Congress Subject Headings Crow Indians--Religion//Crow Indians--Rites and ceremonies//Crow mythology//Charms//Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric


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