Jones, William, 1871-1909. Notes on the Fox Indians

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Title: Notes on the Fox Indians

Published in: Journal of American Folklore -- Vol. 24

Published By: Journal of American Folklore -- Vol. 24 Lancaster, Pa. and New York: Published for the American Folklore Society, G. E. Stechert and Co., Agents, 1911. 209-237 p.

By line: Willliam Jones

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2014. Computer File

Culture: Fox (NP05)

Subjects: Mythology (773); Burial practices and funerals (764); Dying (763); Games (524); Athletic sports (526); Adoption (597); Eschatology (775); Spirits and gods (776); Sorcery (754); Visiting and hospitality (574); Clans (614); Asceticism (785); Ethnopsychology (828); Revelation and divination (787); External relations (648); Moieties (616);

Abstract: This source is a collection of notes on various subjects in no particular order published posthumously from manuscripts which Jones had left. They contain myths, traditional history, and various other information concerning Wisa'ka, the culture hero; the origins and travels of the Sauk and Fox; Manitous (supernatural spirits); clans; witchcraft; ghosts and the soul; tobacco; the country of Iowa; how we hear and understand others' words; clothing; feasts; the Kicko and To'kan moieties; adoption ceremonies; children fasting, and the attainment of spirit power; death and burial; the moccasin game; the etiquette of visiting another's home; Wabasaiy, a mythical chief; the etymology of the name Chicago (Place-of-the-Skunk); warfare with other Indians, and the Black-Hawk War in which White settlers and the army forced the Fox out of Illinois and into Iowa. No context for the source of their collection or their significance is given.

Document Number: 18

Document ID: np05-018

Document Type: Journal Article

Language: English

Field Date: ca. 1895-1904

Evaluation: Ethnologist, Indigene-5

Analyst: Martin Malone ; 1976

Coverage Date: 1897-1904

Coverage Place: Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, United States

LCSH: Fox Indians


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