Petroff, Ivan, b. 1842. Report on the population, industries, and resources of Alaska

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Title: Report on the population, industries, and resources of Alaska

Published By: Washington: G.P.O., 1884. vi, 189 p.: ill., maps [incomplete]

By line: by Ivan Petroff

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2007. Computer File

Culture: Aleut (NA06)

Subjects: Population (161); Composition of population (162); Morbidity (164); Marine hunting (225); Settlement patterns (361); Ownership and control of capital (471); Ethnic stratification (563); Elementary education (872); Religious denominations (795);

Abstract: The author was sent to Alaska as a special agent for the United States Census to make a complete study of Alaska and its peoples. This source is his final report. It covers the geography of Alaska, population estimates, the present and potential economic capacity of the area, the history of the territory under Russian domination, and the ethnology of the people. In organizing his material, the author in most cases presents each area as a separate unit. For the purposes of a study of the Aleut, this source is of value primarily for its economic and population data since the material on Aleut ethnology is a direct translation from Veniaminov (1: Veniaminov). Petroff's ethnological observations on the Aleuts as they were living when he saw them are contained in his preliminary report to Congress. (See Petroff, Ivan. Population and Resources of Alaska. House of Representatives, 46th cong. 3rd Sess. Ex. Doc. No. 40. Washington, 1881. For technical reasons this source was not included in the file but the information it contains is included in almost identical form in 3: Elliot). In processing the present source, the following material has been omitted: detailed geographical and historical data which are contained in other sources and tables of economic data such as imports and exports, total number of skins obtained, etc.

Document Number: 40

Document ID: na06-040

Document Type: Component part(s), monograph

Language: English

Note: This document consists of excerpts.

Field Date: 1880-1881

Evaluation: Government Official-5

Analyst: LSS ; 1950-1956

Coverage Date: 1781-1881

Coverage Place: Aleutian and Pribilof Islands, Alaska, United States

LCSH: Aleuts


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