Federal Writers Project (New York, New York). The Italians of New York

Table of Contents

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Chapter I Italians Arrive And Settle In New York

Early Italian Arrivals

Haven For Political Refugees

Peasant Immigrants Go Inland

Italian Settlements

Chapter Ii Italy—a Melting Pot For 3,000 Years

Era Of The Dictators

The Holy Roman Empire

The Renaissance

Chapter Iii Causes Of Italian Emigration

Malaria And Phylloxera


Immigrants Becoming Traders

Chapter Iv Problems Of Social Adjustment

Second-generation Tendencies

Comparative Crime Records

Chapter V Their Share In Building And Developing New York

Occupational Advance

Italian Labor Unions

Italians As Craftsmen

From Peddler And Laborer To Merchant And Contractor

Chapter Vi Religious Life Of New York Italians

Italian Religious Orders

Religious Festivals And Celebrations

Neapolitans' Great Festa

Chapter Vii Italian Civic And Social Life In New York

Cultural Interests

Settlement Houses

Social Service Agencies

Hospitals And Clinics

Chapter Viii Their Intellectual And Cultural Life

Center Of Italian Culture

Great Educators

The Press

Italian Libraries And Bookstores

Chapter Ix New York's Italians In The Professions

Chapter X Their Creative Work And Intellectual Influence

Italian Art In New York

Modern And Contemporary Italian Art

Italian Architecture And Architects

Italians In The Applied Arts

Music And Musicians

Italian Writers In New York

Italian Influence On American Literature

Influence Of The Italian And American Languages On Each Other

Chapter Xi It Alians In Business And Industry


Building Trade

Garment And Clothing Industry

Their Amusements And Entertainments

The Italian Theater

Puppet And Marionette Shows

Motion Pictures


Italian Restaurants

Folk Dances


National Holidays

Chapter Xiii Conclusion

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Publication Information The main body of the Publication Information page contains all the metadata that HRAF holds for that document.

Author: Author's name as listed in Library of Congress records

Title: The Italians of New York

Published By: Original publisher New York, New York: Arno Press ; The New York Times. 1969. 2, 22, 241 p. : ill., plates

By line: Author's name as appearing in the actual publication Federal Writers' Project (New York, New York)

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: Human Relations Area Files, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Culture name from the Outline of World Cultures (OWC) with the alphanumberic OWC identifier in parenthesis. Italian Americans (N010)

Subjects: Document-level OCM identifiers given by the anthropology subject indexers at HRAF (17); External migration (167); Retail marketing (443); Insurance (456); Occupational specialization (463); Labor supply and employment (464); Rest days and holidays (527); Literature (538); Musical and theatrical productions (545); Status, role, and prestige (554); Legal and judicial personnel (693); Private welfare agencies (747); Medical personnel (759); General character of religion (771); Religious denominations (795); Education system (871); Liberal arts education (873);

Abstract: Brief abstract written by HRAF anthropologists who have done the subject indexing for the document This is a general survey of Italian Americans in New York City, with particular emphasis on their immigration to the city; problems of social adjustment; their role in building and developing New York City; religion; civic, social and intellectual life; professional occupations; their creative and intellectual influences in art, architecture, music, opera, and literature; their role in business and industry; and various amusements and forms of entertainment.

Document Number: HRAF's in-house numbering system derived from the processing order of documents 38

Document ID: HRAF's unique document identifier. The first part is the OWC identifier and the second part is the document number in three digits. n010-038

Document Type: May include journal articles, essays, collections of essays, monographs or chapters/parts of monographs. Monograph

Language: Language that the document is written in English

Note: Bibliography: p. 227-230

Field Date: The date the researcher conducted the fieldwork or archival research that produced the document No date

Evaluation: In this alphanumeric code, the first part designates the type of person writing the document, e.g. Ethnographer, Missionary, Archaeologist, Folklorist, Linguist, Indigene, and so on. The second part is a ranking done by HRAF anthropologists based on the strength of the source material on a scale of 1 to 5, as follows: 1 - poor; 2 - fair; 3 - good, useful data, but not uniformly excellent; 4 - excellent secondary data; 5 - excellent primary data Organizational Document-4,5

Analyst: The HRAF anthropologist who subject indexed the document and prepared other materials for the eHRAF culture/tradition collection. John Beierle ; 1991

Coverage Date: The date or dates that the information in the document pertains to (often not the same as the field date). nineteenth century - 1937

Coverage Place: Location of the research culture or tradition (often a smaller unit such as a band, community, or archaeological site) New York, N.Y., United States

LCSH: Library of Congress Subject Headings Italian Americans


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