Anonymous. The Cherokee perspective: written by Eastern Cherokees

Table of Contents

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Part One

Chapter I The Cherokees—then And Now

An Historical Glance: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle



Physical Appearance

Traditional Cherokee Culture And Belief System

Tribal Organization

The Family Structure And Village Life

Contact, Conflict And Change: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle

Initial White Contact And Influence

The Emerging Nation

Forced Removal

Emergence Of The Eastern Band

The Contemporary Scene: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle


The Qualla Boundary

Tribal Government

The Role Of Tourism

Cherokee Progress

References And Notes For Chapter One

Chapter Ii Comments On The Cherokee Way Of Life


The Cherokee Boarding School: Karen French Owl *

Educational Needs Of The American Indians: Anonymous Cherokee Educator

Cultural Clash In Education: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle


Toward A Working Educational Model


Tradition And Change

Traditions Kept By The Snowbird Cherokees Of Graham County: Herbert And Yvonne Wachacha *

The Cherokees And The Great Depression: Karen French Owl

Interviews With Cherokee Traditionalists: Karen French Owl And Richard Crowe

Contemporary Social Issues

Do Cherokees Receive Death For Public Drunkenness?: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle


Social Problems Among The Cherokee: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle


Part Two

Chapter I Cherokee Heritage And Folklore

Stories By Carl Lambert, Cherokee Historian: Karen French Owl

Story #1

Story #2

Story #3

Story #4

Story #5

Story #6

Story #7

Story #8

Story #9

Anecdote #1

Anecdote #2

Anecdote #3

Anecdote #5

Anecdote #6

Anecdote #7

Anecdote #8

Anecdote #9

Anecdote #10

Cherokee Dances: Amy Walker


The Legend Of Stone Coat

Cherokee Dance Instruments

The Booger Dance

The Eagle Dance

The Bear Dance

War Rites

The Victory Or Scalp Dance

The Formal Rites Dance

The Beaver Dance

The Buffalo Dance

The Horse Dance

The Corn Dance

Chapter Ii Cherokee Poetry

Introduction: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle

Chapter Iii Cherokee Arts And Crafts

Introduction: Laurence French, Jim Hornbuckle, Reuben Teesatuskie And Elsie Martin

The Origin Of Cherokee Arts And Crafts: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle

Cherokee Crafts Today: Laurence French And Jim Hornbuckle

Turquoise Jewelry: Reuben Teesatuskie

Comments On The Work Of John Julius Wilnoty: Tom Underwood And Jim Hornbuckle

The Art Of Cherokee Cooking: Emmaline Driver And Elsie Martin

Cherokee Cooking: An Interview With Emmaline Driver

Cherokee Cooking: An Interview With Elsie Martin

Chapter Iv From The Cherokee One Feather, The Official Tribal Newspaper

Not Just A Piece Of Land: One Feather Editors

Save The Cherokee Indian Stick Ball Game!: W. David Owle

What About Saving The Cherokee Indian Stick Ball Game

Museum To Perpetuate Cherokee History: One Feather Editors

Uset Calls For Indian Leadership Training Program

Eastern Band Of Cherokees Has Unique Government: One Feather Editors

Over 1,000 Attended High School Dedication: One Feather Editors

Lady Bowler Teaches Humility To Newsman

Qualla Co-op To Host Open House For Lucy George: Steve Richmond

Cherokee Indian Fair Began In 1914 One Feather Editors

Cherokee History: Lucian Lamar Sneed

Cherokee Hunting

This Is For Catching Large Fish

Former Tribal Officer Writes Book About N. C. Indian Land: One Feather Editors

About The Author

History Of Boundary Tree: Hiram C. Wilburn

Eagle's Revenge: One Feather Editors

Folks, Fact, Fiction #1: Ruth Smith

Folks, Fact, Fiction #2: Ruth Smith

Folks, Fact, Fiction #3: Ruth Smith

Folks, Fact, Fiction #4: Ruth Smith

75-year-old L. Calhoun: One Feather Editors

Rev. W. David Owle: One Feather Editors

The Cherokee Cultural Group Therapy Program: Elsie Martin And Laurence French

Chapter V Cherokee Profiles

The Evolution Of The “cherokee Perspective”

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Publication Information


Title: The Cherokee perspective: written by Eastern Cherokees

Published By: Boone, North Carolina: Appalachian Consortium Press, 1981. xiv, 244 p.: ill.

By line: Edited by Laurence French and Jim Hornbuckle

HRAF Publication Information: New Haven, Conn.: HRAF, 2000. Computer File

Culture: Cherokee (NN08)

Subjects: Interviewing in research (124); Life history materials (159); Acculturation and culture contact (177); Sociocultural trends (178); Food preparation (252); Literary texts (539); Exhibitions (543); Government institutions (640);

Abstract: This document consists of a series of articles, interviews, reminiscences, discussions, and literary pieces by Cherokees from Qualla Boundary, the Eastern Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina. In addition, this document is the product of an upsurge of interest in Cherokee culture at Qualla Boundary and part of an organized effort there to record and preserve information on past and contemporary Cherokee life for cultural and educational purposes. The topics covered are varied, but fall into two main sections: 1) Cherokee history and contemporary Cherokee society at Qualla Boundary and 2) Cherokee arts. The section focusing on contemporary and historic Cherokee society includes an overview of Cherokee history with special reference to the emergence and development of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee and discussions of contemporary social issues at Qualla Boundary, such as education, continuity and change. The second part of this document on Cherokee arts presents a number of examples of Cherokee stories and poetry and includes discussions of Cherokee dances, arts and crafts, and cooking. A final section of this document contains the text of selected articles printed in 'Cherokee One Feather', the official tribal newspaper. These articles give some flavor of community life at Qualla Boundary.

Document Number: 31

Document ID: nn08-031

Document Type: Collection

Language: English

Note: From the CHEROKEE ONE FEATHER, the official tribal newspaper --Cherokee profiles.

Field Date: no date

Evaluation: Indigene, Educator-4,5

Analyst: Gerald Reid; 1988

Coverage Date: 1540-1975

Coverage Place: Cherokee Indian Reservation (Qualla Boundary), North Carolina, United States

LCSH: Cherokee Indians


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