Changing patterns of KUMIAI structure in rural Okayama
Book 1953 Titiev, Mischa

OkayamaAsia > East Asia
This is a short article dealing with '...the nature of the changes in kumiai social structure that were known to have been going on for many years' (p. 2). The author compared 10 such neighborhood associations from four villages, Kamoson, Shoson, Koj...

Old Oraibi
Book 1944 Titiev, Mischa

HopiNorth America > Southwest and Basin
This detailed ethnography of the old pueblo of Oraibi presents rich information on Hopi culture before the major acculturation occurred. The source has two primary objectives, which are the description and functional analysis of the social organizati...

The Hopi Indians of Old Oraibi: change and continuity
Book 1972 Titiev, Mischa

HopiNorth America > Southwest and Basin
This source is the diary of Titiev's1934 field trip to Oriabi, also incorporating the observations made during his many subsequent stays at the pueblo. It contains information on kinship customs, witchcraft beliefs, the Katchina cults and snake dance...

Araucanian culture in transition
Book 1951 Titiev, Mischa

MapucheSouth America > Central Andes
Written by a University of Michigan anthropologist, this monograph is the basic document on the Araucanians. The author gives descriptions of the history, life cycle, witchcraft and shamanism, and ceremonial life of the people. Of particular interest...