Kinship systems of the Altaic-speaking peoples of the Asiatic steppe
book chapter 9999 Krader, Lawrence

MongoliaAsia > Central Asia
This is a comparative and historical study of the kinship systems and social structures of the Turco-Mongol steppe peoples of Asia, with extensive analysis of the Buryat Mongols, the Ordos Mongols, the Volga Kalmyk, the Monguor of Kansu, and the Kaza...

The Kazkhs
Book 1955 Krader, Lawrence et al.

KazakhAsia > Central Asia
This study of the Kazaks of Soviet Central Asia was conducted for the Department of the Army as a 'Background Study for Psychological Warfare.' It is based entirely on documentary sources. One of the results of the research was the development of new...